Saturday, May 21, 2011

Designing DCs from the O&M point of view/ Diseñando los CDs desde el punto de vista de O& M

As a mission critical systems/facilities designer the last, I have found that most of the time (my earliest designs) my approach was as an "expert" on HOW the facility/system MUST operate. As many proffesionals that start designing I assumed that I Knew everything, but the reality crashed very quickly against my position, then I understood that for doing an efficient but more than that an effectiveness design I should gather those people that really new on each subsystem involved in each kind of facility.

Then I started (10-12 years ago) to design more data center / Main Equipment Rooms for those projects that need to fit all the components in such facilities ( Architecture/Civil works; Automation;  Cooling; Energy; Safety; Security; IT transport and so)  and then another milestone was "shown" just in front of me.  I have to do a "handover" or a "turnkey delivery" to those that will live and suffer my decisions on HOW MUST the facility will run.

A good friend told me that those enginnering teams (sometime only one guy) have to take my "ideas" of how their jobs have to be performed, and showed me the "jigs, patches, band-aids, they have to figure out for those "expert design & construction" solutions gave by people like myself.

Well the "bottom of the line" is:

As constructors/contractors/builders/ designers;  we have to LEARN how the real Operation & Maintenance, is performed by those proffesionals that will take over our project and will make them useful for their organizations.

what is your opinion?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Are we going to see shortly York, Trane, McQuay and so in Data Centres? / ¿Veremos a York, Trane, Mcquay en los Centros de Datos?

So the temperature in DCs is raising 25o-27o  in take in IT equipment

"New" techniques like:
  1. Kyoto Cooling development and 
  2. Radiant cooling  (Trox)are taking off in different markets around the world; 
  3. Natural cooling (not "free" nor economizers)
 Some questions I am asking myself
  • What is going to happen with the "traditional" air cooled enviroment in DCs?
  • Temperature going up, but what about humidity? 
  • Is this still an issue with the new IT equipments?; this will remain an issue?
  • Market (end users) will accept "new" technologies  due (benefit/cost) or keep it traditional & safe?
  • What do the APC, Emerson, Data Aire or Stultz think on this trend?
  • How will they react?
At this moment, I think we have -as consultans / designers- to start  Thinking OUT of the CRACs

But which is your opinion?