Saturday, June 6, 2015

Modular -not containers- DC´s a LEGO´s alternative for BIG DATA / IoT era?

All of us have -if we´ve been lucky- played with LEGO´s blocks to build almost anything from a house to a battleship and spacecrafts.  This nordic´s idea arrived to DCs  some years ago and has tried to change the way of building a mission critical facility

The engineering considerations have been proven in offshore petroleum facilities, and other military applications on conflict zones.
Exist the container version -fast deployment, easy connection and so- But if we think in a large Data centre which are the benefits vs  vulnerabilities?  But more than this how the Data Centres OPEration owner feel to invest in this alternative?

At this point the benefits -among others - are

  • Very quick (500sqm up to 1000 sqm) facilities´ deployment maybe 5-6 months from DESign to day ONE.
  • Cost  fair  among 19KUSD  to 21KUSD per white space sqm & highest classification rating (UTI/NMX/TIA/CEEDA programs)
  • Energy efficiency & sustainability  concepts (LCA, 3Rs, PUE,...) embedded
  • BIM frienly DESign
  • Commissioning friendly since DESign to OPEration-pre tested in factory-
So why we still build with brick & cement?

Maybe is a paradigm change in our minds, because we think concrete is harder for natural weather o disaster, terrorism,......Then thinking that a "tin can" will preserve our "precious" data is not a mind option.

However -speaking on human life-  what happen with tin / polycarbonate:  cars / planes /ships -even military-  it is cheaper to substitute a life than data?   This is an other angle to discuss.

Today BIG / Analysis data are rushing after the facilities where the process/storage/communications are held , YES! the mission critical facilities called Data Centres. and them are hungry for ENErgy / COOLing / SECurity /SAFEty .

The DCs´s building boom will continue several years from today because our society now is supported (political, military, economy, social, knowledge, just to name few) mainly by  digital signal "0s & 1s"  that are in data centres.

What issues do you think are the barrier to adopt more these kind of building MC facilities?

what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD, CxA