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We -as society- are walking or better running to a brand new world where everyting is connected by wire / wireless devices that got, catch, sense our needs, feelings, location, consumer´s profile, delinquents attemps, health status,....among others. In very few decades all of our activities -Orwell´s 1986 novel- will be follow by a "BIG BROTHER" where everything will be monitored and "unfortunely" censored. DT on the other hand "promises" to all of us a better Wellness in our life, having a better economy, health services, movility, waste disposal, energy efficiency, sustainability in Smart Cities & communities that will provide better & well payed jobs, business opportunities, -hopefully- happiness and .... so on. Technolgy in this "UTOPIA" will also deliver via IoT devices more "edge computing" to process "BIGDATA" and get a "DATA ANALISYS" to provide new and enhaced "APPs" to be use in our "…

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