Communities/Cities/Buildings how should they be "SMART"

Smart  Buildings - Cities

What does this concept mean?

Digitized, IoT, Big Data, Data Analysis ?
Really?  well I am not so convinced that those -ONLY- concept should be  included in "SMART" sites; communities & cities -even buildings ALWAYS have been smart or intelligent in the humanity history.

However because computing, automation, communication we use to say those are "intelligent". Of course they are; however all of them must consider not only the OPEration-CONstruction-DESign stages to be consider "SMART"; people must the centric in every human settlement because those are or have been set for us. From this point we will need -with all the present & future technology, tools- to think, analyze, evaluate, plan, design , construct and operate in the best way, considering Sustainability, Climate change, risk, energy efficiency to get the minimum impact on the nature and our planet. 

 We -as tenants during our lifetime- ougth to realize that everything around us must be use in a reasonable way. SMART building-Cities are our home and we should consider that every idea that we will set on them must be an INTELLIGENT one not only for revenue reasons but for Wellness of everyone that lives on Earth.

So, you as professional in any industry or market can make THE difference asking for the best sustainable design, construction and operation of our Communities & cities. 

Or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, PE, RCDD, ACx


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