Sunday, February 27, 2011

What do professionals expect from a DCs designing course?

What does professional expect from a DCs designing course?

Most of the people which I´ve thougth a course have told me several issues like:
  • to get a scheme of their knowledge
  • to learn new "things"
  • to share experiences & doubts
  • to get straigth data they have picked up during years.
and some more....

At this point when you give a lecture as monitor, you most be aware of those expectations, your documental material to present, your presentation skills, venue, A/V aids, and so on.

This kind of courses offer to the attendants information, experience sharing and of course commercial networking.  There exist the possibility to set alliances, get sales leads and so. But at the end how the people (pupils & lecturer) can be sure what has been learnt?

Of course the examination process gives a good idea, however dispicte of this is not a school where the teacher has the chance to follow up each pupil after classes; a course is a very quick (maybe 3 days) show where the all the information has to be given in short periods of time, where all attendance give their comments. So the educational result is not clear enough.

How can this learning process be more effective?

*   workshop
*   discussion in class
*   case study
*   all of them

your input will give more ideas to share in my next lecture.

What do you think?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DC´s codes, standards around the globe/ Normas, estandars para CD´s alrededor del mundo

I ´ve had the opportunity to teach the BICSI DC110 data centres desig best practices for two times now. This course is mainly based in USA documents TIA942 and BICSI-002 standards.

And in both occassions people have asked me regarding the comparison among:

EPAs, UP Time Institute, EU code of conduct, Green Grid, CEEDA, LEED and other local or international papers.

As I see today exists a maremagnum of trends in those mentioned papaers that made a confusion within the industry and market. (at this time I will not considere the facilities "certification" nor people training courses)

So which one do I (we) have to consider? Well as everything in life it depends in several factors. Let say some of them.

MARKETING: Do I (we) need a brand/certificate/document to hang in the DC´s entrance?

SUSTAINTABILITY and/or ENERGY EFFICIENCY: My compañy is commited to reduce Carbon Foot Print, just to reduce energy expenses, both, neither of them??

GOVERNANCE: Do we have to comply with: ITIL, SOX, HIPAA, other...?

BUSINESS CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT: Are we using a BCM concept or only DRPs one?

BUDGET: Can we afford an investment that comply all, part, none of the issues above?

LOCAL regulation: Do we have to comply with Carbon tax, LASE, other?

After we have this defined, then we can evaluate and choose which Code, standard, Norma, do we have to use. Maybe a mix of them.

What do you think?

roberto sanchez,RCDD