DC´s codes, standards around the globe/ Normas, estandars para CD´s alrededor del mundo

I ´ve had the opportunity to teach the BICSI DC110 data centres desig best practices for two times now. This course is mainly based in USA documents TIA942 and BICSI-002 standards.

And in both occassions people have asked me regarding the comparison among:

EPAs, UP Time Institute, EU code of conduct, Green Grid, CEEDA, LEED and other local or international papers.

As I see today exists a maremagnum of trends in those mentioned papaers that made a confusion within the industry and market. (at this time I will not considere the facilities "certification" nor people training courses)

So which one do I (we) have to consider? Well as everything in life it depends in several factors. Let say some of them.

MARKETING: Do I (we) need a brand/certificate/document to hang in the DC´s entrance?

SUSTAINTABILITY and/or ENERGY EFFICIENCY: My compañy is commited to reduce Carbon Foot Print, just to reduce energy expenses, both, neither of them??

GOVERNANCE: Do we have to comply with: ITIL, SOX, HIPAA, other...?

BUSINESS CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT: Are we using a BCM concept or only DRPs one?

BUDGET: Can we afford an investment that comply all, part, none of the issues above?

LOCAL regulation: Do we have to comply with Carbon tax, LASE, other?

After we have this defined, then we can evaluate and choose which Code, standard, Norma, do we have to use. Maybe a mix of them.

What do you think?

roberto sanchez,RCDD


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