Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cisco goes -also- to cloud business so what will happen with DCs?

This week we´ve read that the IT manufacturer will invest  $1 billion on creation of an “Intercloud,”— like those offered by Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine — for    the use of the private clouds of big companies and specialty cloud services for business. 

What does it mean for DC business?

first of all major players are steering to cloud business, not only Amazon & Google service companies but now hardware ones like this huge connectivity manufacturer (most of the routers & switches around the world are Cisco)

So what is on?  Well the information age is on its toddler steps, just today. Everyone is inviting itself to the party, that is commencing.

An which will be the trend in DC´s facilities -maybe we will start calling them CF -Cloud Facility- or CC -Cloud Center- and because these building will keep information from all of us around the world (like DCs do actually)  the different systems should be enhanced to provide Business Continuity in any time (like postman).

Some differences we will see in the next 3-5 years.

Those CF or CC owners will need to deploy in shorter time if as most fortune tellers predict
".....By 2018, it is anticipated that we will see a network traffic increase of 473% "...  Business Insider Intelligence report. 
".....We will jump from approximately 1.9 billion connected devices in use today to more than 9 billion over the next four years. Future networks will need to accommodate the significant increase of smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, wearable computers, and PCs in use...."  by Grayling Love, Brigthtalk podcast.

So where all data will go to?   correct  DC´s   or   CFs o CCs then we can also predict that the consulting, DESigning, CONstruction, OPEration business will grow and of course all materials & equipments that are needed in our industry, correct?   

Weeeelll, YES but NOT necessary, Why?

Today we have a quite well understood project stages since the "conception" with the OPRs (owner project requirements) up to the day ONE (in production) it could take may 15 up to 24 months. What could happen in 8-10 years? CC or CF or DC facilities should be working ASAP, 

note: of course today we have the "modular" solutions  (containers, cabinets,halls, and so on) , however these technical offering -depending on the vendor- has some issues that still have to be tune up.

Business Continuity, Sustainability and of course Energy Efficiency will be the main drivers 
In any case, all of us - i pray for all- will see that our industry -in five years term- 
will have to Learn  to Unlearn, Learn to Relearn to get such shift of our way to do things.

New winds are blowing strong so we have to set the sails tigth enough to take advantage of the stream.

or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD  

Friday, March 21, 2014

We can not use T_ _ R word anymore........

As you should read TIA walked away to use the word TxxR ; the usage of the word could be a trade mark?  

Well if TIA a standardization body recognized by ANSI and backed then by ISO has been defeated all of us could be a target -legally speaking- in any country if we use the four letter  word -pls keep clear your mind  is not F_ _ K-  but it could be interpret alike.

Ok,  now we have to look into a new conceptualization, so let propose this idea.

The classification is used to have or get a recognition on what features your facility OPEration / CONstruction or /and DESign can be awarded for. Correct? This must have the formula to:

  1.  comply a minimum requirements that a owner would want to achieve in its investment , 
  2.  be use as a marketing advantage by the owner
  3.  comply sustainability / energy efficiency and reduce TCO and be a Social Responsible organization.
  4. be recognize by industry / and market as an innovator status
and so on

This is trying to do via data centres standards like

  • EN                                    Europe
  • TIA  ,  BICSI                   USA
  • ISO/IEC JTC1 / SC39     World organization
  • NMX                                México   
  • Data Center Council         Japan
  • Public ICT strategy       Australia    (now iin public comment)

    And best practices documents like TGG, EU CoC  among others

Maybe UTI has gave to all of  us a GREAT opportunity to align the concept -classification- no matter the own differences that those documents (standards, good practices) can have each one -because country, interest, idiosyncrasy-  and use one word. Which could be?

  • Level
  • Type
  • Class
any other?  open to discuss

Then all of us will be:
  • going to the same direction
  • using  a word that classify better our facilities
  • and of course  safe enough -no lawyers- not using anymore the four letter word that now is forbidden in this OUR industry / market

Or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD

Monday, March 17, 2014

Modular/ Traditional/Containerized Data centres?

How a DESigner choose which technology trend will use for a new or refurbish mission critical facility?

Price, Style, Technology?  we must to star the real design and the first decision is which type?

In few words we have:

 1. Traditional (building with perimetral CRACs/CRAHs, raised flooring, AC voltage, UPS, Generators,......)
 2. Containerized (CRAHs, no access floor, ACX Voltage, fire suppression, and more  all in one sea container or Cabinets solution with most of those systems inside a cabinet.

3. Modular Pay as you grow, with prefabricated, ceiling, walls, electrical / telecoms pathways just to connect the electrical feeders and COOLing systems.

This decision will be most steer by the location, weather, where our project will take place -desert, city, offshore facility, military base,....-  let say if the DC will be in a executive tower , then the traditional or Cabinets -all in one- can be the answer. But we have an open space near a city we can go trough the Traditional /Containerized.  If the facility will be overseas -military, jungle or so- maybe a All in One cabinets with NEMA3 + can be the solution.

As we have our own preferences; the following  issues MUST be consider by DESigner (see )
1. OPR  important to deliver what the investor wants not what DESigners likes
2. Organization´s
    2.1 GRC, CSR  definitions
                * Standards (ISO/TIA/ NMX/ EUCoC, and so on)
                * Best practices (ASHRAE, NFPA, BICSI, ICC,.....)
                * Classification (Uptime Institute, LEED, BREEAM, NABERS,....)
    2.2 Business Continuity Management /BCP
    2.3 Inside/outside  customers Industry / market expected growth
    2.4 IT dimensioning  (#servers, storage, connectivity equipment)  day ONE, 365, 720,..
    2.5 technical innovation attitude

 Which solution is the best? it will depend in all the above issues and resources  TMT  -Time/Money/Talent- of course the DESigner´s "style", age, experience, are  variables that should be consider.

My point here is that OPR  are the guidelines to choose type, technology, size, and so on. If we as DESigners can mantain the owners bussines needs in perspective always, then we are going to get the goal,
  • to Comply law, best practices, standards, classification programs,
  • to reduce Risk and 
  • to keep organization´s Governance 
So we will assure the Bussines Continuity in terms of best  benefit - cost relationship for our customer.
Or what do you think?

roberto sanchez,RCDD

Friday, March 14, 2014

Mission critical facility planning

As DESign people we always face these "guessing"  challenges
  • How much COOLing & POWer this facility will require in day ONE, 365,720,?
  • How can I assure:
          * the investment will get the best TCO during 5,10,20 years
          * the lowest PUE (1.01-1.02)  if the facility is 50% loaded?
          * the lowest energy bill monthly?
          * avoid the facility´s refurbishment few months after openning?

These and other hesitations arise in every project when the PreDESign stage is going on, the OPRs (owners project requirements) are the guidance however they will not give the specific answer to the DESigner to set in paper -sorry I use to be a drafter with black ink & blueprints- in Bits & Bytes. So how the project use to be executed before auto cad?

Just as the same as Egyptians´ pyramids were done.  PLANNING

Planning is not dark witchcraft indeed is more rocket science because during 60´s in Apollo project this discipline lets took man on moon surface. However this verb goes more in our firmware as humans and also a idiosyncratic issue. Lets face, in some regions (like LatAm) the sense of life (not meaning of course) is quite other than in north Europe or Asia. So our firmware as where we have been born is sligthly different, of course you can say that business are the same around the world -I will tell YES but NO- and almost all will agree; so planning should be the same around the world, correct? Funny if you say yes, the concept is the foresee how to manage a project and here I would like to set that for High performance Data Centres we can have a general scheme that will help us to adjust our planning in almost any Lat/Lon/Alt. Lets revis

1. OPR  important to deliver what the investor wants not what DESigners likes

2. Organization´s
    2.1 GRC, CSR  definitions
                * Standards (ISO/TIA/ NMX/ EUCoC, and so on)
                * Best practices (ASHRAE, NFPA, BICSI, ICC,.....)
                * Classification (Uptime Institute, LEED, BREEAM, NABERS,....)
    2.2 Business Continuity Management /BCP
    2.3 Inside/outside  customers Industry / market expected growth

    2.4 IT dimensioning  (#servers, storage, connectivity equipment)  day ONE, 365, 720,..
    2.5 technical innovation attitude

3.  Location
    3,1   Infrastructure  availability  (energy, water, talent, roads,.......)
    3.2   Security & Safety
            +natural disaster history (flooding, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes,....)
            +social/economic/criminal/terrorism environment
4. RISK 
     4.1 Risk Assessment / BIA
     4.2 evaluation vs  GRC

5. Systems PRE DESign

    5.1  ARCHitecture / Civil works
    5.2  AUTOmation (DCIM /BES /BMS......)
    5.3  COOLing
    5,4  ENErgy
    5.5  SAFEty
    5.6  SECurity
    5.7  ITT

 6. Commissioning (CX)   (from  concept all the way in Pre DESign / DESign /CONstruct/ OPEration  stages)

 7.  Revised Budget

8-   Start  Detailed DESign  for each system

9.    Executive project & integration all systems & adjusted budget

10.  Bid stage (general contractor / subcontractors) depending on type of bid

11. CONstruction stage

12. OPEration Stage  (training, turn over, documentary, maintenance planning,....)

These is a  short list of actions that keep us in track to get a good project in -almost- all the world  

But of course you can have M.A.C.s to this list, pls. share with us.

or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


Friday, March 7, 2014

Are DCs the "Information Revolution era" factories in S.XXI?


Industrial revolution takes the production issues out from workshops changing for ever the human work life into a new era of goods production and changing as well the society not only in economics but into a environmental impact that has changed the temperature, seasons, melting polar caskets, rain, heat, bird migration and anything in the world.

One of the results of information technology advancement is the growing need to process, connect and storage electricity (bits & bytes) from one continent to the other five; Africa, Asia, América, Europe & Oceania are in information terms again like  "Pangaea" only one land.

Today the DCs are becoming those facilities where the ideas, concepts, design come out and become things that the humanity transform into reality or virtuality they are indeed factories for the human kind.
Of course like the factories in S.XIX these new facilities will have to be OPErate more and more efficiently to avoid the waste of energy and the pollution that as any human invent bring to our planet

Of course in such way the industry and market become an economic force that will be grow quicker than today because everything comes or goes to a Data centre , there is no doubt, our kind (OPErators, CONstructors, DESigners) will become a rare among equals -strange concept- but we will see in a very rapidly transformation of the society around the worlds, today only 2.2billion people use the Internet, but this is changing amazingly time will come where almost all of the hominid will use a gadget connected to Internet and of course to a data centre.

Or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD