Are DCs the "Information Revolution era" factories in S.XXI?


Industrial revolution takes the production issues out from workshops changing for ever the human work life into a new era of goods production and changing as well the society not only in economics but into a environmental impact that has changed the temperature, seasons, melting polar caskets, rain, heat, bird migration and anything in the world.

One of the results of information technology advancement is the growing need to process, connect and storage electricity (bits & bytes) from one continent to the other five; Africa, Asia, América, Europe & Oceania are in information terms again like  "Pangaea" only one land.

Today the DCs are becoming those facilities where the ideas, concepts, design come out and become things that the humanity transform into reality or virtuality they are indeed factories for the human kind.
Of course like the factories in S.XIX these new facilities will have to be OPErate more and more efficiently to avoid the waste of energy and the pollution that as any human invent bring to our planet

Of course in such way the industry and market become an economic force that will be grow quicker than today because everything comes or goes to a Data centre , there is no doubt, our kind (OPErators, CONstructors, DESigners) will become a rare among equals -strange concept- but we will see in a very rapidly transformation of the society around the worlds, today only 2.2billion people use the Internet, but this is changing amazingly time will come where almost all of the hominid will use a gadget connected to Internet and of course to a data centre.

Or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


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