Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Trend# 4 Energy Efficiency will still need a push in MCF DESign & CONstruction

Oil prices have a huge reduction , so why should we try to get a better Energy efficiency in my MCF?  well if I say because our world deserves to avoid / reduce climate change those that think that OPERation Continuity is more important that GHG will have an important key MONEY. So I will not go trough that way.

Getting Energy Efficiency in Hospital, Data Centres, Military and other Mission Critical Facilities is a matter of best practice engineering, waste energy is not a matter of a good engineer, but a lack of basic professional knowledge. If we get assembled an efficient infrastructure (COOLing & ENERgy mainly) we will get a better OPErational cost even if electricity goes below $0.12 per kWh

Of course if we as human are committed with the wellness of our planet we will feel a satisfaction of get a better & more efficient OPEration in our facilities. On the other hand OPE Continuity will be easier to get if we have last generation equipment that can be monitored & controled with energy automation software (BES)

So next time you will be involved in a new or refurbish project start thinking in Energy Efficiency solution that will enhance your proposal (economical / technical) to the customer, they now think not only in cash terms but also in Social responsibility and of course in climate change

Or what do you think?

Roberto Sanchez,RCDD

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

TREND# 3 IoT´s security will take off and DC´s OPErational issues will pop up

"The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next wave of innovation that promises to improve and optimize our daily life based on intelligent sensors and smart objects working together"

 This "wave" will bring us NEW Challenges  

A) Devices features  to be deeply develop by manufactures
 1.    Secure booting
 2.    Access control
 3.    Device authentication
 4.    Firewalling and IPS
 5.    Updates and patches

 B) End to End Security

"The ongoing deployment of IoT devices is already creating serious issues and discussions about the privacy of users, IoT security, and the potential threat of cyber criminals taking control of sensors and smart devices connected to the Internet".

"Given the potential volumes of M2M traffic, internal storage systems will struggle to scale in a cost-effective manner, the final repository of the uploaded object will be cloud-based".

Challenges around identification and authentication, data access, legislative boundary restrictions, state data access laws, and liability cover,  will arise immediately

C) Data Centres
These issues require Data Centres as Mission Critical Facilities that work for different features:
  • Big:  act as repositories of applications and data.
  • Distribution: Large regional hubs, to move information from Big DCs down to a retail-oriented level.
  • Micro: With one or two racks, located close to population centers to receive and transmit data to IoT sensors instantly.
So every system inside the DC will need to be DESign with more care of those needs in a IoT World
More Storage, Process & Connectivity will be enhanced to fulfill such needs, the DCs infrastructure will keep growing & evolving as new APPs will be develop and more devices will be deployed in field.

IoT =  BIG DATA = Data Analytics = +IT equipment = Cloud Computing=  + Data Centres  

And of course OPErational Business Continuity, GRC, Energy Efficiency /Sustainability will keep in mind of all organizations to accomplish its business.

Or what do you think?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Trend # 2. DC´s Cx commissioning will be a sustantive as DESign & CONstruction

Most people thinks that Cx activity goes by the end of the project, this point of view has a lack of deep knowledge of what is Commissioning. Cx is a circle where the project conception is a point of start, but also a facility refurbishment is a Cx starting as well. Then the DESign & CONstruction stages take place, so when OPEration arrives the circle is completed.

The main purpose of Cx is to get the job done as the OWNER wanted in first place: IN time, IN budget  and with the QUALITY expected as DESign has set; this is in Data Centre industry /market is quite well understood, but no in every place. Majority of CONstruction firms are costumed to made a budget (very low most of the times) to be awarded with the project, betting that do NOT exist a full Executive project with all CONstruction documents developed by each system DESigner; so the bet goes to get as much "Change orders" to make a profit. This situation carries a lot of troubles & issues that during the CONstruction stage most of the time can NOT been cleared to fulfill the OPR´s (Owner Project Requirements) so the PM (hired by owner) a lot of times "negotiate" to accept lower -quality/performance-  conditions on several components / subsystems in:

  • ARCHitecture
  • COOLing
  • ENERgy
  • IT Transport
  • SAFEty
  • SECURity
note: Of course my experience is in LatAM and probably other Latitudes/Longitudes /Altitudes are different enough to reject my statement. 
So the main Cx´s purpose is QUALTY to get what you have set in your needs -as owner-; look into the specs the DESigners have set; assure that CONstructors build against those specs, CODES & Standards to assure that Owners´  GRC -Governance/Risk/Compliance is being fulfill by Project manager, General Contractor, Subcontractors. and the final result grant the OPErational Business Continuity that any mission critical facility most comply.
This mean that  transparency  -OUch!  Homero dixit- is the key for this activity.
the project will cost more?  My recent experience is that Cx can lower from 15% to 25%  the original budget presented by building firms  avoiding CONstruction´s industry "worst practices" 
But what do you think?  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Trend #1 DC´s for cloud computing will still exploding

Cloud computing is a trend, so the organizations now can use this service from several vendors around the globe. In Europe the idea is to maintain such information in the "cloud" only in DC´s facilities located in European soil.

But what about the "DC´s cloud facilities features beyond SECurity, SAFEty, ENERgy , COOLing, ITT, ARCHitecture? how thos e facilities are "different" from the actual HOST / COLO ones? or more how are those different from the organization´s In House Data Centres?

As I see the main difference is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION if an organization is willing to migrate its APPs, files, processing to been managed and taken care from alien hands is just to keep the Business OPErational Continuty secure. that is it.

From the vendors point of view the business is alike the HOSTing / COLOcation one: renting space, ENErgy, COOLing SAFEty & SECURity; of course a bunch of them now are developing the full concept of " .....AS a SERVICE" where the organization will fulfill ALL their IT needs outside its own offices / warehouses/ distribution centres /manufacturing facilities; to serve better to their end customers / clients.
So the idea is to get the BEST infrastructure managed services & the latest hdw & software APPs. with a fair cost/price.

Some CLOUD DCs now are developing as MODULAR solutions to be prepare as soon as the organizations NEEDs are required to serve to their own business. This approach -modular- in every DCs subsystem is -in my opinion- the best cost/benefit solution to respond the world´s changing business requirements that any or all organizations are facing in this Information era. Mobile, WEARable devices, IoT, and others to come. So these kind of facilities will keep growing during 2015.

Or what do you think?

Roberto Sánchez, RCDD

Thursday, December 11, 2014

2015 Mission critical facility TRENDS & DC stuff

Since three years ago I have tried to find out which will be the MCF  trending topics during the following year, so to maintain the tradition I will start discussing some of those that in mine perception will be worth to keep an eye on them
Some have been in the "air" for more than 12 months others have become just a mood.

SO now MY list

1.  DC  for cloud computing will still exploding

2.  DC´s  Cx commissioning will be a sustantive as DESign & CONstruction

3.  IoT´s security will take off and DC´s OPErational issues will pop up

4.  Energy Efficiency will still need a push in MCF  DESign & CONstruction

5. GRC  topics are taking lead in organization in its DC´s OPERation

6. Business ON LINE  -like cybermonday- will strike harder the way of doing bizz 

7. BIG DATA will grow, and grow and......

8. DISRUPTION ideas -like UBER- are impacting MCF today

9. DCs  size & density -how to figure out a reasonable process-

during next weeks I will discuss each idea and how we -as OPEration / CONstruction /DESign people- have to  BE PREPARE in a world with lower fuel pricing and turmoils

If you have an opinion please share with all of us  "TO LEARN to UN learn and Learn to RE Learn"

please enjoy this holiday season with your dearest and I hope next year will get all health & work you can handle .

Feliz Navidad y un Excelente año nuevo

roberto sanchez, RCDD