Trend #1 DC´s for cloud computing will still exploding

Cloud computing is a trend, so the organizations now can use this service from several vendors around the globe. In Europe the idea is to maintain such information in the "cloud" only in DC´s facilities located in European soil.

But what about the "DC´s cloud facilities features beyond SECurity, SAFEty, ENERgy , COOLing, ITT, ARCHitecture? how thos e facilities are "different" from the actual HOST / COLO ones? or more how are those different from the organization´s In House Data Centres?

As I see the main difference is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION if an organization is willing to migrate its APPs, files, processing to been managed and taken care from alien hands is just to keep the Business OPErational Continuty secure. that is it.

From the vendors point of view the business is alike the HOSTing / COLOcation one: renting space, ENErgy, COOLing SAFEty & SECURity; of course a bunch of them now are developing the full concept of " .....AS a SERVICE" where the organization will fulfill ALL their IT needs outside its own offices / warehouses/ distribution centres /manufacturing facilities; to serve better to their end customers / clients.
So the idea is to get the BEST infrastructure managed services & the latest hdw & software APPs. with a fair cost/price.

Some CLOUD DCs now are developing as MODULAR solutions to be prepare as soon as the organizations NEEDs are required to serve to their own business. This approach -modular- in every DCs subsystem is -in my opinion- the best cost/benefit solution to respond the world´s changing business requirements that any or all organizations are facing in this Information era. Mobile, WEARable devices, IoT, and others to come. So these kind of facilities will keep growing during 2015.

Or what do you think?

Roberto Sánchez, RCDD


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