Is worth to hire a consultant in mission critical facilities?

Today a consultant is shifting its core business -at least in mission critical facilities- WHY?  well today all the information is as far as one click in the mouse /pad of our computer. If we ask to google we will get as much information, lets try Google, if you set the phrase Data center.........:
  1. ARCHitecture & civil works:  5,590,000
  2. COOLing: 30,200,000 results
  3. ENErgy systems: 266,000,000
  4. SAFEty: 182,000,000
  5. SECurity:   1,020,000,000
  6. ITT:11,600,000

So as you can realize a consultation can be easily done by anyone with the rigth question or alterntive ones. Then of course all those answer / topics must been read, cataloged, analyse, set in a scheme to get the rigth course of action in any project or activity.

If we stated this issue , then Why do I have to hire a consultant for my project:?

To  get:
  • knowledge
  • experience
  • third part thinking
  • out of the box thinking
  • leadership
  • a person to blame?  -if necessary or not....-
  • discuss my ideas?
  • new ideas?
  • an opinion but not to use it?
all of them? none of those?

So hiring a consutant bring more questions than answers.

And now to whom hire?
  • recognized
  • famous  
  • wise 
  • smart  (IQ  200+)
  • doctorated (IT, Ph, MBA, ........)
  • certificated (ITIL, LEEED, BREEAM, ATD, RCDD, DCDC, DC.......)
  • well known
  • handsome / pretty
  • expensive / cheap 
  • green / sustainable focused
  • energy efficency focused
  • availability / reliability focused
  • classification program pursuer (CLASS, T_ _R, LEED, CEEDA,BREEAM...) 
all of them? none of those?
and who should hire her / him

PROject direction
General Contractor
all of them? none of those?

as I can se we need to choose among several features "nice to have"

But which could be a reazonable methodololy to pick up and hire our guy or team of proffesionals to get the advice for 60, 100, 200+  MM USD project investment. (future  post)

Please  let me know your opinion

roberto sanchez, RCDD


  1. A good consultant is interested in your goal. What do you want accomplished? When does it have to be done. How much do you have for budget. They have a range of vision from the 30,000 foot level to 3 feet under the raised floor. They have done it before and know what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. A good consultant will ask questions like one I had where they said "I have a poor power factor, what can I do to fix that?" (Harmonic Filter) or "We have never had a fire in 11 years, will the pre-action system work", I asked, "When did you last purge the pipes?" "Never". We purged the pipes and took out two fifty five gallon drums of sludge and rust. How do you find a good consultant? Experience and knowledge!


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