TIA 942 data centres official CERTIFICATION?

Today I ve read a very shocking news

TIA and EPI Announce Licensing Agreement on Data Center Standards Training
In Response to Global Demand, EPI Will Offer International Certified Training Courses on TIA-942 

Standards to Data Center Professionals

ARLINGTON, VA (April 04, 2013) – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, and Enterprise Products Integration (EPI) a leading data centre training and audit organization today announced that they have entered into a licensing agreement that allows EPI to build and conduct international certified training courses for the ANSI/TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards for Data Centers. The courses will initially be launched in Asia, but will eventually become available to data center professionals worldwide.

What does it mean for the DC industry aroundthe globe?

Well All those facilities concern on be "certificate" by a recognized entity has a new plate to gain.
As all we know the USA.based    Association has a DC document that was primarly focused on TI infrastructure -cabling- but has other systems included in their annexs that make sense when you are designing, building, operating  a facility.

My perception is that this TIA move will shake our industry  as the "TIER" concept has done before or HoT/Cold aisle did. Of course it will take time for the EPI guys to set up a global operation for training however I am quite sure that there willbe certain markets that will embrace this concept easily.

But what will happen with "certification" if an recognized auditor granted that  certain facility complies with the USA standard (this is a good standing document because is endorsed by ANSI the USA standarization body recognized by ISO).

Who will "print" the plate ? 
Who will endorse the auditing documentation?
What will happen with the UTI.  Certificates?.

Well I am pretty sure that this will be answered very soon.

Or what do you think?

Roberto Sanchez,RCDD


  1. A very good move by EPI.

    Since the certification is very costly, my query is- whether this certification would make any difference for an individual as far as his career is concerned, i am talking in terms of ROI.
    Please comment

    1. Well if the "certification" is for the facility it will be COSTLY by sure. Regarding the "certification" for professionals" this one will enhace her/his knowledge, and of course will be more valuable for the CV / career; of course in USA will be more valuable than other countries,

      Roberto Sanchez, RCDD

  2. Robert
    I find TIA to be more about environment and cables and UTI about engineering and SPOF . You can be teir3 in one and (Now as you note TIA can certify )you may well fail the other as they have different criteria . Best case it will uplift standard as people try to meet both. Worst case it dilutes the value to certification or creditability of both through marketing attacks on each other. So maybe every one get disallusioned and abandonds Tiering. Suspect niche player will choose their favorite eg Enterprise goes uptime Colos go TIA .
    An interesting exercise get a map of you town look at the location criteria in TIA and mark the areas you cannot build and then see if any location could pass certification ? Think EPI will dilute their criteria ( or allow failure of many criteria ) . GLenn Allan (Aust)

    1. Yes I agree with you if a facility want to accomplish a misssion critical´s MEP system, UTI is good to follow, however if you want a wide compliance TIA is one alternative to use.

      However when you are trying to get a sustainable / energy efficiency scope, then EU data Centre Code of Conduct, Green Grid and ASHRAE documents is a must.

      Data Centres are not a "piece of cake" buildings on the contrary only Hospitals are more complex in OPEration, CONStruction & DESing

      thanks for commenting

      roberto sanchez, RCDD

  3. From what I gather EPI only have an agreement on training. Thereis no mention of an agreement on certification. I doubt that they can sign any agreement which gives them a monopoly on certification


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