TREND# 3 IoT´s security will take off and DC´s OPErational issues will pop up

"The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next wave of innovation that promises to improve and optimize our daily life based on intelligent sensors and smart objects working together"

 This "wave" will bring us NEW Challenges  

A) Devices features  to be deeply develop by manufactures
 1.    Secure booting
 2.    Access control
 3.    Device authentication
 4.    Firewalling and IPS
 5.    Updates and patches

 B) End to End Security

"The ongoing deployment of IoT devices is already creating serious issues and discussions about the privacy of users, IoT security, and the potential threat of cyber criminals taking control of sensors and smart devices connected to the Internet".

"Given the potential volumes of M2M traffic, internal storage systems will struggle to scale in a cost-effective manner, the final repository of the uploaded object will be cloud-based".

Challenges around identification and authentication, data access, legislative boundary restrictions, state data access laws, and liability cover,  will arise immediately

C) Data Centres
These issues require Data Centres as Mission Critical Facilities that work for different features:
  • Big:  act as repositories of applications and data.
  • Distribution: Large regional hubs, to move information from Big DCs down to a retail-oriented level.
  • Micro: With one or two racks, located close to population centers to receive and transmit data to IoT sensors instantly.
So every system inside the DC will need to be DESign with more care of those needs in a IoT World
More Storage, Process & Connectivity will be enhanced to fulfill such needs, the DCs infrastructure will keep growing & evolving as new APPs will be develop and more devices will be deployed in field.

IoT =  BIG DATA = Data Analytics = +IT equipment = Cloud Computing=  + Data Centres  

And of course OPErational Business Continuity, GRC, Energy Efficiency /Sustainability will keep in mind of all organizations to accomplish its business.

Or what do you think?


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