Trend # 2. DC´s Cx commissioning will be a sustantive as DESign & CONstruction

Most people thinks that Cx activity goes by the end of the project, this point of view has a lack of deep knowledge of what is Commissioning. Cx is a circle where the project conception is a point of start, but also a facility refurbishment is a Cx starting as well. Then the DESign & CONstruction stages take place, so when OPEration arrives the circle is completed.

The main purpose of Cx is to get the job done as the OWNER wanted in first place: IN time, IN budget  and with the QUALITY expected as DESign has set; this is in Data Centre industry /market is quite well understood, but no in every place. Majority of CONstruction firms are costumed to made a budget (very low most of the times) to be awarded with the project, betting that do NOT exist a full Executive project with all CONstruction documents developed by each system DESigner; so the bet goes to get as much "Change orders" to make a profit. This situation carries a lot of troubles & issues that during the CONstruction stage most of the time can NOT been cleared to fulfill the OPR´s (Owner Project Requirements) so the PM (hired by owner) a lot of times "negotiate" to accept lower -quality/performance-  conditions on several components / subsystems in:

  • ARCHitecture
  • COOLing
  • ENERgy
  • IT Transport
  • SAFEty
  • SECURity
note: Of course my experience is in LatAM and probably other Latitudes/Longitudes /Altitudes are different enough to reject my statement. 
So the main Cx´s purpose is QUALTY to get what you have set in your needs -as owner-; look into the specs the DESigners have set; assure that CONstructors build against those specs, CODES & Standards to assure that Owners´  GRC -Governance/Risk/Compliance is being fulfill by Project manager, General Contractor, Subcontractors. and the final result grant the OPErational Business Continuity that any mission critical facility most comply.
This mean that  transparency  -OUch!  Homero dixit- is the key for this activity.
the project will cost more?  My recent experience is that Cx can lower from 15% to 25%  the original budget presented by building firms  avoiding CONstruction´s industry "worst practices" 
But what do you think?  


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