2015 Mission critical facility TRENDS & DC stuff

Since three years ago I have tried to find out which will be the MCF  trending topics during the following year, so to maintain the tradition I will start discussing some of those that in mine perception will be worth to keep an eye on them
Some have been in the "air" for more than 12 months others have become just a mood.

SO now MY list

1.  DC  for cloud computing will still exploding

2.  DC´s  Cx commissioning will be a sustantive as DESign & CONstruction

3.  IoT´s security will take off and DC´s OPErational issues will pop up

4.  Energy Efficiency will still need a push in MCF  DESign & CONstruction

5. GRC  topics are taking lead in organization in its DC´s OPERation

6. Business ON LINE  -like cybermonday- will strike harder the way of doing bizz 

7. BIG DATA will grow, and grow and......

8. DISRUPTION ideas -like UBER- are impacting MCF today

9. DCs  size & density -how to figure out a reasonable process-

during next weeks I will discuss each idea and how we -as OPEration / CONstruction /DESign people- have to  BE PREPARE in a world with lower fuel pricing and turmoils

If you have an opinion please share with all of us  "TO LEARN to UN learn and Learn to RE Learn"

please enjoy this holiday season with your dearest and I hope next year will get all health & work you can handle .

Feliz Navidad y un Excelente año nuevo

roberto sanchez, RCDD


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