We can not use T_ _ R word anymore........

As you should read TIA walked away to use the word TxxR ; the usage of the word could be a trade mark?  

Well if TIA a standardization body recognized by ANSI and backed then by ISO has been defeated all of us could be a target -legally speaking- in any country if we use the four letter  word -pls keep clear your mind  is not F_ _ K-  but it could be interpret alike.

Ok,  now we have to look into a new conceptualization, so let propose this idea.

The classification is used to have or get a recognition on what features your facility OPEration / CONstruction or /and DESign can be awarded for. Correct? This must have the formula to:

  1.  comply a minimum requirements that a owner would want to achieve in its investment , 
  2.  be use as a marketing advantage by the owner
  3.  comply sustainability / energy efficiency and reduce TCO and be a Social Responsible organization.
  4. be recognize by industry / and market as an innovator status
and so on

This is trying to do via data centres standards like

  • EN                                    Europe
  • TIA  ,  BICSI                   USA
  • ISO/IEC JTC1 / SC39     World organization
  • NMX                                México   
  • Data Center Council         Japan
  • Public ICT strategy       Australia    (now iin public comment)

    And best practices documents like TGG, EU CoC  among others

Maybe UTI has gave to all of  us a GREAT opportunity to align the concept -classification- no matter the own differences that those documents (standards, good practices) can have each one -because country, interest, idiosyncrasy-  and use one word. Which could be?

  • Level
  • Type
  • Class
any other?  open to discuss

Then all of us will be:
  • going to the same direction
  • using  a word that classify better our facilities
  • and of course  safe enough -no lawyers- not using anymore the four letter word that now is forbidden in this OUR industry / market

Or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


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