Mission critical facility planning

As DESign people we always face these "guessing"  challenges
  • How much COOLing & POWer this facility will require in day ONE, 365,720,?
  • How can I assure:
          * the investment will get the best TCO during 5,10,20 years
          * the lowest PUE (1.01-1.02)  if the facility is 50% loaded?
          * the lowest energy bill monthly?
          * avoid the facility´s refurbishment few months after openning?

These and other hesitations arise in every project when the PreDESign stage is going on, the OPRs (owners project requirements) are the guidance however they will not give the specific answer to the DESigner to set in paper -sorry I use to be a drafter with black ink & blueprints- in Bits & Bytes. So how the project use to be executed before auto cad?

Just as the same as Egyptians´ pyramids were done.  PLANNING

Planning is not dark witchcraft indeed is more rocket science because during 60´s in Apollo project this discipline lets took man on moon surface. However this verb goes more in our firmware as humans and also a idiosyncratic issue. Lets face, in some regions (like LatAm) the sense of life (not meaning of course) is quite other than in north Europe or Asia. So our firmware as where we have been born is sligthly different, of course you can say that business are the same around the world -I will tell YES but NO- and almost all will agree; so planning should be the same around the world, correct? Funny if you say yes, the concept is the foresee how to manage a project and here I would like to set that for High performance Data Centres we can have a general scheme that will help us to adjust our planning in almost any Lat/Lon/Alt. Lets revis

1. OPR  important to deliver what the investor wants not what DESigners likes

2. Organization´s
    2.1 GRC, CSR  definitions
                * Standards (ISO/TIA/ NMX/ EUCoC, and so on)
                * Best practices (ASHRAE, NFPA, BICSI, ICC,.....)
                * Classification (Uptime Institute, LEED, BREEAM, NABERS,....)
    2.2 Business Continuity Management /BCP
    2.3 Inside/outside  customers Industry / market expected growth

    2.4 IT dimensioning  (#servers, storage, connectivity equipment)  day ONE, 365, 720,..
    2.5 technical innovation attitude

3.  Location
    3,1   Infrastructure  availability  (energy, water, talent, roads,.......)
    3.2   Security & Safety
            +natural disaster history (flooding, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes,....)
            +social/economic/criminal/terrorism environment
4. RISK 
     4.1 Risk Assessment / BIA
     4.2 evaluation vs  GRC

5. Systems PRE DESign

    5.1  ARCHitecture / Civil works
    5.2  AUTOmation (DCIM /BES /BMS......)
    5.3  COOLing
    5,4  ENErgy
    5.5  SAFEty
    5.6  SECurity
    5.7  ITT

 6. Commissioning (CX)   (from  concept all the way in Pre DESign / DESign /CONstruct/ OPEration  stages)

 7.  Revised Budget

8-   Start  Detailed DESign  for each system

9.    Executive project & integration all systems & adjusted budget

10.  Bid stage (general contractor / subcontractors) depending on type of bid

11. CONstruction stage

12. OPEration Stage  (training, turn over, documentary, maintenance planning,....)

These is a  short list of actions that keep us in track to get a good project in -almost- all the world  

But of course you can have M.A.C.s to this list, pls. share with us.

or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD



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