Modular/ Traditional/Containerized Data centres?

How a DESigner choose which technology trend will use for a new or refurbish mission critical facility?

Price, Style, Technology?  we must to star the real design and the first decision is which type?

In few words we have:

 1. Traditional (building with perimetral CRACs/CRAHs, raised flooring, AC voltage, UPS, Generators,......)
 2. Containerized (CRAHs, no access floor, ACX Voltage, fire suppression, and more  all in one sea container or Cabinets solution with most of those systems inside a cabinet.

3. Modular Pay as you grow, with prefabricated, ceiling, walls, electrical / telecoms pathways just to connect the electrical feeders and COOLing systems.

This decision will be most steer by the location, weather, where our project will take place -desert, city, offshore facility, military base,....-  let say if the DC will be in a executive tower , then the traditional or Cabinets -all in one- can be the answer. But we have an open space near a city we can go trough the Traditional /Containerized.  If the facility will be overseas -military, jungle or so- maybe a All in One cabinets with NEMA3 + can be the solution.

As we have our own preferences; the following  issues MUST be consider by DESigner (see )
1. OPR  important to deliver what the investor wants not what DESigners likes
2. Organization´s
    2.1 GRC, CSR  definitions
                * Standards (ISO/TIA/ NMX/ EUCoC, and so on)
                * Best practices (ASHRAE, NFPA, BICSI, ICC,.....)
                * Classification (Uptime Institute, LEED, BREEAM, NABERS,....)
    2.2 Business Continuity Management /BCP
    2.3 Inside/outside  customers Industry / market expected growth
    2.4 IT dimensioning  (#servers, storage, connectivity equipment)  day ONE, 365, 720,..
    2.5 technical innovation attitude

 Which solution is the best? it will depend in all the above issues and resources  TMT  -Time/Money/Talent- of course the DESigner´s "style", age, experience, are  variables that should be consider.

My point here is that OPR  are the guidelines to choose type, technology, size, and so on. If we as DESigners can mantain the owners bussines needs in perspective always, then we are going to get the goal,
  • to Comply law, best practices, standards, classification programs,
  • to reduce Risk and 
  • to keep organization´s Governance 
So we will assure the Bussines Continuity in terms of best  benefit - cost relationship for our customer.
Or what do you think?

roberto sanchez,RCDD


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