Cisco goes -also- to cloud business so what will happen with DCs?

This week we´ve read that the IT manufacturer will invest  $1 billion on creation of an “Intercloud,”— like those offered by Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine — for    the use of the private clouds of big companies and specialty cloud services for business. 

What does it mean for DC business?

first of all major players are steering to cloud business, not only Amazon & Google service companies but now hardware ones like this huge connectivity manufacturer (most of the routers & switches around the world are Cisco)

So what is on?  Well the information age is on its toddler steps, just today. Everyone is inviting itself to the party, that is commencing.

An which will be the trend in DC´s facilities -maybe we will start calling them CF -Cloud Facility- or CC -Cloud Center- and because these building will keep information from all of us around the world (like DCs do actually)  the different systems should be enhanced to provide Business Continuity in any time (like postman).

Some differences we will see in the next 3-5 years.

Those CF or CC owners will need to deploy in shorter time if as most fortune tellers predict
".....By 2018, it is anticipated that we will see a network traffic increase of 473% "...  Business Insider Intelligence report. 
".....We will jump from approximately 1.9 billion connected devices in use today to more than 9 billion over the next four years. Future networks will need to accommodate the significant increase of smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, wearable computers, and PCs in use...."  by Grayling Love, Brigthtalk podcast.

So where all data will go to?   correct  DC´s   or   CFs o CCs then we can also predict that the consulting, DESigning, CONstruction, OPEration business will grow and of course all materials & equipments that are needed in our industry, correct?   

Weeeelll, YES but NOT necessary, Why?

Today we have a quite well understood project stages since the "conception" with the OPRs (owner project requirements) up to the day ONE (in production) it could take may 15 up to 24 months. What could happen in 8-10 years? CC or CF or DC facilities should be working ASAP, 

note: of course today we have the "modular" solutions  (containers, cabinets,halls, and so on) , however these technical offering -depending on the vendor- has some issues that still have to be tune up.

Business Continuity, Sustainability and of course Energy Efficiency will be the main drivers 
In any case, all of us - i pray for all- will see that our industry -in five years term- 
will have to Learn  to Unlearn, Learn to Relearn to get such shift of our way to do things.

New winds are blowing strong so we have to set the sails tigth enough to take advantage of the stream.

or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD  


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