Friday, January 6, 2017

DCs´ 2017 Trend #8 Virtual reality or augmented where to compute?

......This year, now reaching its end, will be remembered in what is still the short history of virtual reality as the first year in which it surpassed 1 billion dollars in revenue, according to estimates presented by the Deloitte consultancy firm. 

The people are ready for VR, and 2017 will witness a massive jump in user numbers. From around 200,000 in 2014 to a projected 90 million in 2017, this represents a 450% increase.
Around 10% of the 90 million users in 2017 will be ‘hardcore gamers’, while a further 23 million will be categorized as ‘early adopters’. This suggests that the next 12 months will present the ideal opportunity to put your VR application into the hands of an engaged and motivated audience.

However Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) -it takes the real world of the present and projects digital imagery and sound into it-. Augmented and Virtual Reality both fall on the continuum of mediated reality. Which is where a computer system modifies our perception of reality versus the “real” world. 
They are not only for indoors/ outdoors gaming, but they are  technologies worth to use in training, business, marketing, industrial, aviation, retail, finance, cinema, real state, shopping, sports.....  you name it!  

Do you imagine to have a tour in a house that you want to buy and go trough any room, making any MACs that your wife or you desire? or looking into an equipment that failed and be with the technician/lerner helping him/her during his/her to get a diagnostic or a surgeron training an neuronal operation in the quirophan?  possibilities are endless.

Business Digital Transformation -BDT- will pass -in several industries- trough VR devices and applications. At this moment we have tried it in entertainment but we will shift the use in the next few years. mobile devices will have to improve the compute capabilities of course but we need to consider for business different from entertainment is compute capacity near the place where we want to use VR, then mDC pop up as the facility with this capacity to give "user experience" that new customers are looking for.

JUST to think on it; Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR, prophesied at the time that “virtual reality would be something that people would want much sooner than they would be able to afford it”. The conclusion presented by BI Intelligence is that authentic virtual reality is too expensive. However, the demand is increasing: a study by the online platform for event organization Eventbrite reveals that 78% of millennials prefer to purchase an experience rather than a product. VR needs to perfect its hardware, but above all, to catch its own Pokemon Go.

VR will keep in our minds in years to come, however in 2017 we will see more applications that will give us amazing results to play more than only games like "pokemon Go"

 Or what do you think?

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