Moving a DC / Moviendo un centro de datos

As designer customers ask if I can take in consideration the DC moving stage

Well in any professional DC design this stage MUST be consider as an important one in the full chain of decisions, why?

The DC design is envisioned as a integral solution to assure the Business Continuity operation, so the "moving" is part of this Continuity.

The BASIC steps are
• Full inventory & tagging
• Check each SLA contract to find out any equipment moving restrictions
• Proper data storage (for recovery)
• Proper turn off (as vendors best practices set)
• Check building access (physical, security, crane-lift operation,...)
• Proper shipment (packing/moving/delivering,moving,unpacking)
• Safe routing (main/alternative, schedule,security escort)
• Plan "B, C,..."
• Prepare with vendors the turn On, and production starting stage until everything is running

you MUST

•Plan, Plan, Plan every detail
•Allocate Needed resources
•Hire professional & experienced people/companies
•Make drafts with your staff & vendors
•Check timing, schedule, routes, security
•Make reunions as EVERYbody understand Their responsabilities, functions, actions in normal/emergency situations
•DOUBLE Check every detail

then you are prepare for this "once in Life task"

What is your opinion?

•Make plan "B,..."


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