is worth to use Standards/codes or Certification programs in DCs? / ¿es bueno usar normas, reglamentos o programas de certificacion en los CDs?

Last few weeks I have read (and participate) in several discussions in LinkedIN regarding:

  • Which standard should be use in DC design
  • Differences among EPA /UPtime /TIA /BICSI/ EN/ EU CoC.........
  • Is Uptime an standard
  • Should be use TIA / Up Time / BICsi in "Timbuctu"?
  • All of them? None of them?
Some of these dissertations are too many biased, defending positions instead of analysing benefits, vulnerabilities and strengths.
So as a consulting enginner and contractor that must give my proffesional opinion on this matters I have few ideas to share with you -if you are not so devoted in one or more of the above documents-

1st.   GOVERNANCE in an organization gives the exact dimension if the DC owner will use or not such kind of documents -common sense could say YES, human behaviour shows amazing attitudes jeje- What I meant is G show the organization soul. No more NO less.

2nd   RISK  in every business the risks comes along with the operation, so organizations MUST learn which are their risks, vulnerabilities, not only in the digital sense, but in the physical. Today after the Japan Tsunami, Nueva Orleans´ hurricane, 9/11, Leon´s DC fire; all of us are aware that catastrophic events happen in societies that are welthy and disciplined as well, no matter how much money they have invest or spend in their facilities. So the BCM with its  BCP and DRPs are not only important but must be consider since the DC´s facility is in the designing stage.
Here the ISO  series of security, BCM will beyour guide

3rd    COMPLIANCE   All organizations have a business (private / public, profit & Non for profit, small/ large) ALL are inserted in an insuatry or a market that guide the business common sense with "best practices, Codes, Standards, Laws" to follow and comply to be consider part of such enviroments.
Those documents are in DC´s industry called interchangeably "standards, certifications, best practices" it depend on Longitude/ latitude in this blue marble. 
Here the Operational needs/ Availabilty requierments / Business Impact are the trend that I suggest to follow - you will find these in the  ANSI/BICSI annex for Business Continuity.

The climate change has arose two important (not only in the ecological point of view but also in economics) issues:

4th. SUSTAINABILITY   that in a broad sense try to use wisly all the Earth´s resources during this generation to manage and prevail for the use of the next generations.  So the building industry (and DCs of course ) needs for their development, design "D", "construction"C" and operation"O" all kind of resources -land, water, minerals, oil,.......)
A sustainable Data Center must persue since its inception, DCO that all its sytems (architecture, cooling, energy, safety, security, IT transport and so)  have the best Life Cycle Assestment with the lowest carbon footprint.  

5th  ENERGY EFFICIENCY   this is the "Philosophers  Stone"  that alchimist´s have tryed to find and now the DCs´ operators / designers look to get it, not only to claim that they are "GREEN"  & sustainable but to get the financial benefits of reduce the electricity consumption bill and get the govermetal benefits -in some countries- or avoid as much as possible to pay CARBON TAX -where available-

So the documents to Operate/ Construct /Design the data center must fulfill all of those five reasons, as you can imagine there are NOT a UNIQUE standard nor certification program that achieve such ideal.

What have to do the operator / contructor / designer then?   learning, achiving experience and evaluating which documents are the best to follow  (except thos e that could be compulsory in each country) in a way of the Best Practice.

CEEDA, LEED, CEEDA -EU CoC-, UpTime, Epa Star Energy    all of them are classification programs

 ANSI/ TIA 942B,  ANSI/ BICSI -002, EN 50600, ISO 27464... all are Standards
ASHRAE, NFPA, GREEN GRID are best practices -if their are not reconigzed by ANSI

To see a almost full chart for those documents you can look into this blog on your rigth or in my Linked In  slide share section (it can be downloaded)

And I set a question: how long does a  DC to recertificate in its "lifetime" after they have got any hanged frame on the wall? 

But what do you think

roberto sanchez,RCDD


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