How GRC can be harm with BYOC?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept to organizations has open a breach in IT. security all of us are aware of; but Bring Your Own Cloud can expose us worst from  GRC point of view.

Technology is becoming for 2.2 billion people around the world a day to day a way to live, gadgets in their hands let us to be in contact around the clock with people that we can or not meet in our lives, be aware of news that are in progress rigth now, learn about anything of the humanity knowledge, make business with any customer overseas or simply upload the last family or friends barbecue dinning picture last weekend.  These amount of people have their own agenda far away from corporations, institutions, governments; they have became their own masters regarding information. ISo data is not any longer a private assets but one that any single person is managing own his/her own interests.

Because of this we will find more and more that we -as an economic, social, political, business entity-   will need to have our data processing / storage / connectivity  to  be manage by our own terms. So a conflict of interest, security, is arising very quickly; not only because the economics but because the culture around the globe.

GRC  concepts inside organizations will have to be adjust to this new reality, due to the vision of them have to retain the talent for their business survival or be so inflexible that such talent walk away from those organizations that not recognize this new situation.

So this new challenge -as any other- need to be observe, analyse and find out alternatives of solution depending of each organization's business to take the best advantages to live and survive this information era.

Or what do you think?

Roberto Sanchez, RCDD


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