Disaster and Business Continuity / Continuidad del Negocio y los Desastres

So the "Quake & Tsunami "  has set a challenge for mission critical facilities -not only DCs-  and now we have to fade from asthonishing to start learning -and quiclky-  what if this tragedy happens in  my country in my city, in my busisness?

"A wake up call"  -has written Chris Preimerberger few day ago-
Ït won´t happen to me (us) is very useful expression in our society, we leave the future forseen and risk assestment in hands, of God?
 In the "mexican time"  we always can use "Tomorow, sure I will do" and this event has triggered around the world the same question.

Are my facility -and us- ready for a distaster, let say half (third,quarter,....) the impact that the SECOND world economy have got in its own homeland?

Other writers have appointed that a comunication (living in Data Centres) are not useful enough if internet or simple cell towers are out of service after a hit like this. So old technology "FM radios" are the key to survive the society as we (occidentally) know.

Mother natura has just spoken and we -its temporary guests- indeed we have to open our eyes and hers to RE learn, not only in mission critical business, but in our over all life style.

But in this business what can we do? If  even the wolrd recognized japanese planning is leaking -literally-? Well to do the best as resources (talent, assests, time & money) let us to figure out.

What do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD



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