Business Continuity after Frankstorm / Continuidad del Negocio despúes de la tormenta Sandy

Well few weeks from the worst storm that hitted NYC has rised several eyebrowns when we start talking regarding the BCPs and the IT´s DRPs.   Always man has been trying to be prepare (as Boys Scouts) for those calamities that has to face in the life. Noah´s ark give us a hint.

Data Centres are not the exception, the old concept DRP (disaster recovery plan) were enhaced after 9/11 attacks, they were focused mainly in terrorism and physical security but..... then arrived Katrina hurricane, Fukushima tsunami and now Sandy storm.

They have been a paradigm for the data centre industry; today we are thinking that our worst nigthmares as operators / designer become a real thing.

 We should understand that these natural disasters will be more frequently as the Earth is becoming more & more inside the climate change.

G R C  are the drivers for the DC design/construction/ operation but always are those constraint because resources (talent/time/budget-money-) assigned for each project. Then the OPE/DES teams have to figure out how to take in consideration all the physical risks (risk assestment) and the BIA will find out which of them -risks- have to be consider as high priorities in each location/business/organization, depending on climate, geography, social, delincuency, terrorism, and...... all of those that could have an impact in the DC´s business.

Of course some DC must be a safe box (or safe ship), but most of them can not afford such kind of design/construction and will have to operate with a certain possibility and probability to face different physical challenges

Now after "Frankstorm"  we have to adjust and re think how we must OPErate / CONstruct / DESing  the new DC in our world not only for those human risks but for those that nature will bring us to our main door.

But what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I found it very interesting and thought provoking. Many of the businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy were able to get back on their feet because they had a solid business continuity plan. For those that did not have one in place, the road back to normalcy was much more arduous.


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