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The century has today more than one decade in the time of  Y2K our worries were to avoid the "world stand still" because the software algorithms in the clocking, there were NO smartphones, Roberts became the first female actress to join Hollywood's elite $20 million-a-movie, and so many more issues. There were no ON line colleges'  courses.
Then an IT technician, manager, director , CIO had the main objective to mantain the telecomm network  running to accomplish the organization business. Knowledge, experience were get from college and in the day to day basis. All you need to learn were in the equipment manuals, sales presentation, Interop conferences, and organizations trainings.

Then 9/11 past and everything change in few days, security, safety, cooling, energy, IT transport systems and more. Governance, Risk Compliance were the key of the OPERations and all that we have learnt before was question if it must goes or change to fulfill organization business needs.

In this timeframe  a lot of news papers, bookstores  have gone from business. Why?  they could not understand  that enviroment was changing so rapidly that they need new or refurbish   tools for face the interrnet competition.  Colleges / Universities are today in the same edge of  change/challenge.

But have we as people change the way we learn ? 
The younger graduates have been taugth  what the markets and industry need from them when they are hired? 
Have they understood that today they must learn as quickly as day by day basis?
Math, physics are not the same  even sociology or marketing is not longer a Kotler's. "Four Ps"  only because social media, is changing the way of selling servicies and goods. 

So, even the formation that we got in the campus is valuable today is not enough for facing a live career not onlyto be succesful but to survive in a market whe exist thousends of. Graduates all overthe world, young, quite well prepare from prestigiuos universities and colleges where the organization can pick up and offer low salaries. But here start how the professional careers in all fields have change, but in IT how is going?  If you look -let say in Linked In. Telecomm group- in the jobs sites; you will find that is " help wanted" sign is all over the interrnet.  The trick is that all of those positions need experience here is where the graduates have a wall to climb. However what happen with the well seasoned profesaionals let say that have ten years or more well here exist two types those that like to re-learn and those that prefer to stay in a confort zone. 

To progress into more demanding position we the IT guys to "learn - forget - relearn" just a sample the temperature settings in a computer room today ASHRAE is telling us that we can use a beach garmets by the cabinets, it is not needed any more to freeze the (new 2012+) servers. This inside our minds / souls is a shock because we learnt that the IT equipment need a very cool enviroment for not mealting the ICs.  This kind of issues is changing the IT roll into the organizations' structure, because today these professional need to understand the business (IT aligment) and not only that but the selli g  and more and more the manufacturing (if goods), collecting, shipping and......processes. This is because the IT is turning into business core.We can say that the Chief Information Offficer will turn into the Chief Business Officer

Team work. -Just a line- , nobody can perform an actual task alone so this hability is a must.

From my point of view to "learn - forget - relearn" is the key to be succesful as professional in this 2013 -and beyond-

Or what do you think?

Roberto Sanchez, RCDD


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