BIM or not to BIM a Mission Critical Facility

To avoid you to read further the answer  YES

But what is this tool / methodology / model called Building Information Modeling, just another software or is beyond of that?

Imagine that you are an OPErator (data centre to get your attention) and need to find out what is the AC CRAC motor belt part number, if you have a Maintenance specialized software you will be able to find out such p/n and avoid going into your equipment manual; but what if  you can get from the same source:
  •  Energy efficiency in 3rd cabinet row
  • Space & energy to set new equipment in the computer Hall "x"
  • Get the fire alarm cabling drawings to revise a sensor
  • Find out how much have or will cost a round of new air grilles for the new containment area or
  • Get the last testing reports of UPS / Generators or anything or everything you need from your facility data?

Now you are a CONstructor and need to check a submittal for the busway that you are going to deploy and check part number, vendor , pricing, delivery time? or you need to find out the installation manual or diagram for the ligthing system above the row cabinets? or better which is the heigth that your telecom cabling tray must be set to avoid all other pipes in the computer room or support one.?

But if you are a DESigner and need to set the paths for your SAFety cabling pipes and avoid a collision withe the SECUrity ones? or do you want to choose the best UPS rotary system in market to substitute and old one.

These BIM will also help the Commissioning activities when a PRE functional or final testing has to be perform and the check list not on the floor or room where the test is held.

BIM is evolutioning from only a 3D representation of pipes, tray and paths to a more complex tool; we will see more and more this technical methodology not only in Data Centres but in all MCF  and all kind of buildings. This is not another software but a way to OPErate/CONstruct/DESign buildings

or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD, ACx



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