NEW Mexican Green Data Centre Standard

As we have discussed, NYCE -Normalizacion y Certificacion Electronica, has set a Task Group to develop a NMX -Mexican Standard, for DC.

We have divided in three dimensions

A. Components -Topics-
a.1 GOVERNANCE (ISO, NOM, CNBV, CoBIT, ITIL, SOX and related best practices)
a.2 ARCHITECTURE (site selection, external/internal, structure, ligthing, spaces and so on)
a.3 IT EQUIPMENT (Prcocess-computing-; Storage; Telecommunication)
a.4 INFORMATION TRANSPORT SYSTEMS (Grounding & Bonding; Spaces, Pathways, Structured Cabling, Cabintes & Racks, Administration)
a.5 ENERGY (feeds -alternative as well-;emergency generation; boards, distribution, UPS & batteries,)
a.6 COOLING (liquid, CRACs, distribuition/exhaust and so on)
a.7 SECURITY (Physical-perimeter, mantraps, alarms-; Electronic (IP/CCTV, access control..); Logical
a.8 SAFETY (emergency plans -earthquake, floods, terrorism, etc.; Fire -detection/supression, Hipoxia; Cleaning and so on)

This issue will be cover with the IMEIS -Instituto Mexicano del Edificio Inteligente y Sustentable- describe those components to become a green building


to avoid a 2D clasifficatrion the idea is to set a point in a 3D space so each Topic vs Sustentability vs Performance will be find for those investing, designing, building and operating a DC in Mexico. So the reference frame will be flexible and adaptable enough for those 4x4 mts DC (available in Mexico-) up to 2000 x 2000 mts Data Centres facilities that are building for huge corporations.

This standard will be ballot during June-July to be publish by August this year.

If you have ideas please let me know......

roberto sanchez, RCDD
NMX-NYCE-Data Centres-2009
Task Group Chairman

La NMX-NYCE-Centros de Datos-2009; ha revisado e incluido un concepto tridimensional con los siguientes topicos:

A. Temas
a.1 Gobernabilidad
a.2 Arquitectura
a.3 Equipo de TI
a.4 Sistemas de Transporte de Informaciòn
a.5 Energìa
a.6 Enfriamiento
a.7 Seguridad
a.8 Salvaguarda

Aqui el documento estara basado en los conceptos del IMEIS -Instituto Mexicano del Edificio Inteligente


Para permitir una flexibilidad y una Adaptabilidad a CD con dimensiones de 4x4mts hasta grandes campus de 2000x2000mts se ha diseñado un sistema que pueda puntualizar el estadio de un CD conforme a los Temas Vs Sustentabilidad Vs Desempeño

SE intenta publicar para referencia en el D.O.F. durante el mes de Junio y ser promulgada en Agosto 2009

Si existe algun comentario por favor no duden en hacerlo llegar rsanchez arroba


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