I Sustaintability in DC /Sustentabilidad en CD

The sustentability in DC (at least in mexico) is a BRAND new idea, we as consulting & integration company are working hard to explain to our customers having a project (reburbish or new construction) all the faces that today DC design has to take in considersation to get all the puzzle blocks in context.

First is giving the informatio to undertand HOW MUCH do we have to invest in this kind of design?

But not only that is the issues, that our customers have to consider to evaluate if they are going to have SELF generation or COgeneration, if they have the skills or they have to hire new guys to deliver the results.

And of course in Mexico our laws & codes have enough complexity to be understand (more if the customer is a multinational company)

So my suggestion is quite simple:

1. study what is Sustentability
2. Is this a mode, a trend or a global need?
3. allocate the resources (TIME, PEOPLE, Investment) to find out the DC model, that will fit my needs, commitments, and vision.
4. start designing the DC

roberto sanchez


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