LEED in DC arena and now which scheme to follow -UPtime, CEEDA,TIA ....?

Well the news bring us the announcment that LEED will deliver by autumm its DC  rating scheme for LEED programm.

What can we expect different from TIAs, UPTime, CEEDA, and the briefly born of ISO JTC1 /SC39  sustainable DC  standard...?   with all of these different approches to the same issues (DCs Operation, Bilding & Design)  we will have a ferocious batlle field among those purist and those that will support the LEED´s type programms sustainable scheme. For those that need to compliance a country´s or regional (like EU) standarization will have to choose to follow LEEDs or TIAs or whatever.

What will be the main topics cover by LEED  (energy efficency, sustainability, Availability, Business continuity,Redundancy,.......bycle racks....)?

But what must a consulting firm or proffesional do?  My vision is to set latitude/longitude DCs´ location, local laws, codes & standards and after they complies with them you always can find which marketing classification programm is worth to follow.

But please let us revise your ideas.


roberto sanchez, RCDD


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