BIG DATA. &. High performance Data Centers

Well BiG DATA ...... This new trend has sparked several issues not only in the business sense, but also in the DC infrastructure solutions Today we (operators/contructors/designers) have to align not only the organization bizz but all of the new requirements (Governance-Risk- Compliance)and energy efficiency and of course sustainability.

But technology is becoming a driver that also -of course- push rapidly and strongly all the DC business/industry. Today we -O.C.Ds.- have to get a vision on the quality, amount, source, of the data that we are or will be handling in thos mission critical blds. that are called data centers.

The new challange -as new as tables and smartphones- is to give service to almost the same amount of worldwide population that is operating mobile gadget, taking trillions of photos, "googling" inquires, texting, emailing, sharing & networking the actual society communications.

But how -we-the "pros" will give the "rigth" answers to those investors and organizations that own the DCs? How to calculate the total energy consumptions or srrver/storage capacity or cooling needs for a industry that can reach billions of dollars just in construction investments the following three-five years around the world? Well I am asking also, and the few answers that I got are:
+ be prepare for SHIFT
+ study EVERY day
+ follow trend techies in business, storage, process, telecom IT equipment
+ keep inform in global business -your industry- trends All of this in a daily basis (Weekends also)

BIG DATA. Is here no one can avoid, but all of us will deal rigth now!

But what do you think?

Roberto Sanchez,RCDD


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