Modular Data Centers / Centros de datos modulares

This topic is going to grow in a very short time, why? Well from my point of view, today with all of this features like: Big Data, Compliance,social networking, smartphones, mobile finance/banking, storage,ubiquious jobs/business, culture and,....... The need for flexible growth, immediatly response, sustainability, energy efficiency, TCO, low operational cost, and profit are leading the DCs' design & Construction. & Operation to find a better alternatives to address the needs on the market.
Manufactures are pushing as well this trend that gives a better business sense for the industry, consulting people are learning better "how to do" to solve and deal with such "new ideas". The concept is quite simple: set what is needed, when it is needed. Planning of course is the main issue to take in consideration from the site (and size) selection, going to energy supply and of course all the features like Governance, Risk & Compliance; the approach lets to the DCs' investor/operator to get at its own pace the fulfillment of architectural, energy, cooling, safety, security, IT transport -among few- needs the response to keep the Business Continuity under the Governance & Risk & Compliance features that each organization need to keep its operation going on. This global trend is quite interesting to follow and if you are going to invest in a DC' refurbishment or a new construction my suggestion is that you ougth to evaluate if a modular OPE - CON - DES. Is the alternative to keep in sigth for your DC business. But what do you think? Roberto Sanchez, RCDD Mexico


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