NYT article exposed what all of we know / el articulo del NYT expone a los CDs

Well it was just a matter of time, I mean New York Times  (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/23/technology/data-centers-waste-vast-amounts-of-energy-belying-industry-image.html?pagewanted=all) for exposing what all in the industry know quite well.

Energy efficiency is just a side priority when DC's operations is defined by the owners/operators; and it is understandable because the "tradition" says that confiability, redundancy goes OVER any other consideration when the Uptime is the challenge in the business.

 Now in the Congress  Energy/Commerce Commite ask for answers to EPA and DoE (see http://democrats.energycommerce.house.gov/index.php?q=news/reps-waxman-rush-and-eshoo-request-update-from-department-of-energy-and-epa-on-energy-efficiency )

So what will happen?   

+. To force DC's operators, builders , designers to improve the Energy Efficiency performance?
+. To set a Carbon Tax -like UKs-?
+. To develop a marKeting / media war against the IT, BYoD, Cloud concepts?

As incumbents in this industry, What all of us should/ougth/must  do?

+ change our design, building operation paradigms?
+ include sustainability & EE. Concepts,  systems,  as fast as possible?
+ mantain our present "stand still" attitude?

I think we have to learn -quickly- to RE learn how to deal with our industry

Or what do you think?

Roberto sanchez, RCDD


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