2013 mission critical facilities trends


We are finishing this year with a certain that we will have a growth in the data center industry for the next year here you can read and analyse if you agree regarding my envison on our enviroment.

1. MOBILE devices (smartphones/tablets)  are pushing the data into the users hands.
This mean that all the photos, payments, chats, emails, are needing more and more processing / storage in the cloud, so DCs are a must to fulfill these matter.

2. COMPLIANCE  financial markets must comply BASEL III;  most of the countries will need to hologue their auditing, operational processes; this will push to banking, insurance, financial entities to upgrade and  enhance their own facilities where the data is host.

3. ENERGY EFFICIENCY   running a DCs is not cheap indeed, energy is not easy to find in any place with the quality, amount and availability that this industry requires, so the actual and new facilities have to plan, upgrade and become more efficient in how they use the energy.

4. COOLING TECHNOLOGIES, just  air conditioned will not be enough, even the new equipment can run on 30oC + , it is quite difficult that all organizations can switch all equipmento to a new one, so in the mean time (2-4 years) the DCs will need to be more cooling efficient to take advantage in  this new temeprature parameters and of course reduce the energy and $ in cooling the IT equipment.

5. MODULAR    Large halls will be shift to smaller computing rooms  200 -500 sq mts to take advantage of the cooling techniques and to segregate different temperature ratings needed by a block of IT equipment.

6. TRAINING    All professional will need to keep in the new techniques that have change the DCs industry the last 2-3 years. "Future is not longer as it uses to be".

7. BIG DATA     will be growing to aks more space, more computing process and more conectivity.  Data Centres will need to grow as well fit this situation.

8. COMMISSIONING.-   This good practice will became a BEST practice not only in High Performance  Data Centres (HPDC)  but in most of the high performance buildings around the world.

9. STANDARDS/CODES.-   We will see a more collaborative task among countries to get a better/easier to use/non biased documents.

10. PROFFESSIONAL PEOPLE.-  It will be required in all the world, more pro´s that can learn /re-learn and understand with a new envision what a data centre is becoming in this second S.XXI decade. Not only a place to work but a opportunity to participate in one of the most astonishing industries.

Or what do you think,  I missed something?

 Thanks for reading this year my opinion, pls get an EXCELLENT  2013!

roberto sanchez, RCDD



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