DCs´ 2013 Trend #2 Compliance

This is the 2 / 10 my trends for 2013

COMPLIANCE  Up to date the organizations globally are more and more under the scrutiny of the law in every country, so the information that all of those are dealing, processing, storaging and trasmmiting has became the most important asset in the business world.

Money is not loger a piece of metal or paper, the huge amounts are just "ones & zeros"  electricity, that DO NOT exist -we can feel it but we can not hold it- so the economy worldwide realys on what the apps says they have in the registers.  A funny situation in the g´old days the gold bar keep the confidence on what a paper or a coin has a value.

So contracts, taxes, shipments, purchase orders, payments,wire transfer, and on on, and on. are repr4esented by those electrical binary impulses. Then all the stuff & people that are in contact with such tresure have to COMPLY with.....?

SOX, BASILEA III, HIPAA, CNBV, and a bunch of world wide codes, standards, good / best practices, auditing,......have been developed and are enforcing around.

In this world the facilities that keep such treasure safely are the data centres around, so it is reasonable that not only the APPs, software, operational procedures have to comply such documentation, but also the facilities infraestructure

  • Architecture / civil works
  • Automation
  • Cooling
  • Energy
  • Safety
  • Security
  • IT transport
  • Internal transport

At this moment exist more than 100 different documents that are related on how a data centre facility has to be:  DESing, CONstruct & OPErate -see my  Comparative Table DC´s Codes & Standards-; but they  are just referred to a part of that kind of facilities.  When you want to find out Cooling you revise the ASHRAE documents, but if you want to see Safety issues you ask for NFPA´s documents.

ISO  is starting to try to get togheter most of such sytems with a clear sustaianable / energy efficency focus in the JTC1 SC39, however the optical differences among countries / manufactures will take some time to solve the DC facilities´ systems puzzle. And of course in each country this standard(s) will be take partially due the commercial / technical / economic countries´ differences.

So why I say that COMPLIANCE is a key trend in 2013? Quite easy beacuse the money; the financial markets must will comply with BASEL III;  most of the countries will need to homologue their auditing, operational processes; this will push to banking, insurance, financial entities to upgrade and  enhance their own facilities where the data centre is the facility host.

 So more and more we will see in our countries how the COMPLIANCE market will grow.

Or which is your opinion?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


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