DC´s 2013 Trend #5 MODULAR DCs


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I have post last year on this topic , so I will add other issues.

Modular data centres will be deploy more and more  because

* A need of flexibility to grow as soon as the organization´s business demands

* Better deployment´s cost and time response  (10-12 weeks for delivering to the site if you have PRE- prepared)

* Controlled energy efficiency, this because you can standardize the cooling/energy equipment, servers type and so OPE cost can be optimized.

So modular do not mean only a container but a space availability in a DC´s campus, with all the pathways and piping ready to connect as the modular building is in place. Of course it is possible to build a new computer´s hall / room, as always.

The other main issue is that those computer hall / room will be no greater that 500 sq mts or  150 -170 cabinets per room.

So a DC can grow easily, supplying energy / cooling with a better segmentation of which kind of equipment (computing / storing / connectivity) is going to deploy; the flooring type (with or without raised floor) with cabling -electrical,telecomm- cabinets (beneath or overhead), rows containerized (cold or hot);  fire detection / suppression technologies: very early, inside cabinets, just mist water, hypoxia, etc. and security (low/med/high) depending on each computer room if you are a Cloud (host/COLO); private, government, military, finance, or what ever kind of end user.

All of these depending on your organization´s needs & response to get the Business Continuity under the GOVERNANCE, RISK, COMPLIANCE features that each organization needs to keep its operation going on.

So this global trend is quite interesting to follow and if you are going to invest in a DCs refurbishment or a new construction my suggestion is that you ougth to evaluate if a modular DCs is good in the perspective of OPEration - CONstruction - DESign.

Keep an eye on this  alternative for your DC business.

But what do you think? Roberto Sanchez, RCDD Mexico


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  2. The trend has largely been away from raised floors. The newest data centers have completely moved away from this model.

    1. Yes itvis indeed, however modular DC (containerazed or not) can use the raised flooring
      Roberto sanchez,RCDD


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