DCs' 2013 Trend #7. BIG DATA

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I have wrote on this issue last year, let revise.

In México we are 112M people, exist 88M cellular phones only kids (0-7) do not have a mobile device. What can we find out from this fact?  :

a) New generatios are "borning" with a IP address or better hanging a mobile device
b) More and more people are using a data devices to communicate, not only voice but social networking, sharing information (photos, articles, jokes,......)
c) Telecomm networks can collapsing very easily due the traffic. They are growing to become this issue.
d) Organizations are aware that they need to focus in the person, marketing/selling will be for each person.
Note: just revise the APP that Facebook announced  yesterday
e). Learning will turn "on-line" more and more every year. Look into www.coursera.org
f).  Banking is turning more and more to offer servicies via mobiles (smarthphones / tablets)
g).  Hollywood will sell to your phone/tablet  all the new digital movies. (netflix, claro, ....)

So the data is growing, growing, grow.......... Every second, but where are going all of these bits & bytes when left your smartphone's camera?   RIGTH!!   after the info travel via the ETHER all those photos, email, TXT, .....go to the data centres.

So we will see new and refurbish mission critical facilities. The data is becoming BIG because the dimension are not easy to calculate, it grows so fast that the old parameters are not longer useful to provision what a data centre should be or has.

BIG DATA can be divided by app or type of information, but in some point it will be needed to joint to be useful, so not only the process, storage in a data centre must be ready to manage this cascade of electric impulses.

BIG DATA will drive quickly to those investors to build better data centres more sustainable/energy efficiency to lowee the OPErational cost, as well to comply with the new codes & standards.

BIG DATA. needs backup and linking via the "Cloud" and so  clouding needs  several data centres.

BIG DATA not is only a matter of sizing but type as well (photos, records, assests, txt, banking accounts, chats,........) each new innovation on industries & markets arise new APPs that need space in data centres floor.

So BIG DATA. Arrived to stay, we as mission critical facilities people will live with it not only in the  near future but forever.

But what do you think?

Roberto Sanchez, RCDD


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