2014 TREND #1 GRC Governance-Risk-Compliance

Governance - Risk - Compliance

 GOVERNANCE: gives the way how the organizational business will be conducted by class "C" and always show to the world / community the way of organizations "want" to be recognized publicly. Maybe as a social responsible organization, or as Non profit or a Conglomerate entity. Its internal rules (not always disclosure) could arise the eye browns or make an applause from the society.
This set of policies, rules, codes make clearly how the business run inside & outside itself. 
All process should focus in obtain/maintain the coherence in them.

RISK: This concept is steering the organizational behaviour for doing business around the world. Any economical activity have Risks to overcome /  contain /mitigate or even circumvent by the class "C" because the organizational business nature. With this in mind the organization have to set a clear GO /NOT GO  risks that them are willing to accept and how they will manage case by case.
Political, Demographic, War, Terrorism, Health, Competition, Technology, Money, Legal,... are some of the risks that have to been addressed by the high management. 
The most important asset in this century is the information, so the security issues regarding how, when, where, who will keep the organization´s information is a top need and certainly the highest priority in so many entities (governmental, private).

COMPLIANCE. this are a set of different levels (international, national, market, business, systems, technology)  of documents  Law, codes, standards, best practices, good practices, process. So the business is in good standing among the authorities, market, consumers, customers, suppliers, to conduct the business as is expected by the society as a whole.

 Data centres are that part of the business where all information is located, so the facility operation -construction-design must keep all of those good practices honoured.

As the DC´s market has been growing these last 7-8 years the facilities have change from those crystal fishbowl up to a armoured steel box, where everything  inside is SAFE.

Today these facilities should be OPErate taking in consideration all GRC features depending on its own business, so COLOcation, GOVerment, INTernet, ENTerprise, and the different kind of DCs must be on that line.

At this point 2014 will maintain as a trend the need perform the RISK assessment (location , weather, natural disasters, demo/political environment, and so on) to set BIA to keep the OPErational CONtinuty management.
The GOVERNANCE issues that modeling the organizational business will maintain a straight vision to get the organizational goals, revenue, growth as the world economy has recovered a good portion of what it lost on 2008 crash. The organizations will invest more & more to reduce operational cost via Digital business.
COMPLIANCE  will follow the fiscal / accounting transparency (BASILEA III)   so the business around the world and the governments will  keep an eye in taxpayers to stop frauds & tax avoidance's,

Data Centres are the core of the modern information society, they are -not will- the way to get this world running among smart gadgets, laptops, cctv, credit cards, .....

or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


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