2014 TRENDS Mission critical facilities

Never as today the data is growing every second (mobile gadgets, financial operations, goverment services, news, knowledge, science,.......) And everything must be process, connect & storage in Data Centres.

DCs  business has been developed in the last 4-5 years quickly and astonishing, we are in the dawn of the digital era. As much digital development we achieve we will observe that these facilities (DCs) will be ubiquitous in our lives. It will take some decades of course but it is a trend.

Our -as DCs pro´s-  duty is to find out which DC´s model could fit better in each need that customer will need for they business / mission.

  1. GRC  Governance-Risk-Compliance will mantain a high concern in the business.
  2. Energy Efficiency -even the world largest economy will declare self sufficent in petrol- will remain a sustainable issue. 
  3. Continuity OPEration as a management trend will keep still the attention on how to run such facilities.  
  4. Mobile APPs that must comply with standards /rules / laws will drive the storage / process / connectivity  issues.
  5. Hdw.(servers / SAN)  operational  temperature will still a concern into the facilities-
  6. Quick DCs  deployment (DES-CON-Cx)  to OPErate as soon as possible is becoming a high priority issue
  7. World standarization could be re launch to get the same quality facilities all over the world.
  8. Hiring  professionals well trained will remain an issue.

So lets begin with the features of each one.

Roberto Sanchez, RCDD


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