2014 TREND#5 Hdw.(servers / SAN) operational temperature a concern

Hardware temperature has become the key for the Data Centres´  Total Cost of Ownership, this simple physical variable is the main concern for all DC´s OPErators & Investors.

But what (as DESigners, CONstructors & OPErators) can we do?
Well depending on the mission critical facility type it is possible to choose, change or mitigate the outlet temperature in the Hdw. equipment, we have discussed until be tired regarding the techniques to decrease or mitigate the inlet airflow´s temperature

 EU Code of conduct give us the ABC  for doing since the design the best practices to reduce the inlet temperature, however the outlet is the important topic as well depending on the Cooling DESign:
  •  natural, 
  •  electromechanical, 
  •  liquid, 
  •  PODs, 
  •  Hot/Cold aisles  
  • Chimneys
Among others

Ideally the newest equipment can OPErate at 30oC or higher so the return airflow -when electromechanical- temperature differences are lower and equipment works better. And of course the cost of energy is lower.

But what about those techniques like  Free Cooling (here Free do not mean gratuitous)  or the old fashion  Liquid one with the electronics total immersion in a coolant?

Exist several new solutions to decrease the computer room´s temperature but they need to be understand by us and to give them a deeper evaluation to decide if in our DC can fit better than a cold water circuit.

Smaller computer room layout give us the opportunity to scale the best cooling solution, more effective and more efficient due to the possibility to fulfill all cabinets with servers and calculate better those hot spots that force us to raise the cooling tons to try to mitigate the heat.

Physics  give us the opportunity to imagine new ways to solve problems, my perception is that we need to understand, analyse, evaluate and compare benefits - cost relationship to decide if certain cooling technique can be use in our mission critical facility.

Or what do you think?

roberto sanchez,RCDD


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