2014 TREND#4 Mobile APPs will drive the storage / process / connectivity issues.

Mobile apps are rocking the life, everyone can in his hand to get the results for several and different applications softwares (APPs)  that facilitate our lives; indeed tablets & smartphone give us today an empowerment that never before the humankind has had.
 If you have an OS or and Android gadget you will be able to convert lb-kg, or to measure your heartrbeat, or record the grandparent´s voice, or scan on site any document, simply take a picture. All that information have to be transmit. process, storage. So the obvious question is where those activities take place?  Yes, correct!  in a data centre.

As many people get more and more  such technological devices, we are needing more and more IT equipment (servers, SAN, switches)  and consequently more "white space" have to be set in any part of this world.

So companies like Apple with its Applestore, are requiring to extend their Data Centres to storage, manage, sale, process, all those APPs in the market.

On the other hand the APPs´developers are just kids no older than 15-16 years -sometimes younger- that are changing paradigms for "talent search & self employment" (see http://www.ted.com/talks/thomas_suarez_a_12_year_old_app_developer.html)

We as DCs providers must realize that our business has changed in all ways, we must understand that we have to adapt in days (maybe hours) to fit and be handy to those that are imagine things once impossible of think not for us, but for the humanity.

 APPs  will rule in few years more and more of our lives and Data Centre professionals will give the rigth place (at least this beginning part of XXI century) to reside and growth, the Data Centre.
 All of them will be in "cloud"  to share, exchange, trade, buy, deliver, solve and give more solutions that will -in theory- set a better life quality, or at least that should be the idea.


or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


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