2014 TREND#6 Quick DCs deployment (DES-CON-Cx)

Last December we got a news from APC they bougth a modular DCs manufacturer; the question is why?

They are an electromechanical products company so several answers comes from market drivers

Cloud computing requirements
Mobile Apps
Compliance requirements .......among others.......

So how can we read this industry move?  Well my first impression is that manufactures have been asked to deploy quicker its products as a "turn key" solution just to plug and pray hoops! play. We all knew that Cx is needed to assure that all systems will perform as a unique one; but what can be achieve if the modular DC is deployed on site?  We will save time (only resource that can not be buy) and start our business OPEration asap.

This mean that we will capture more end customers using more Mobile gadgets & APPs, more Cloud services, and we will manage GRC (Governance-Risk-Compliance) in shorter period. At the end a private and governmental organization need to be more efficient in less time (just an assumption) to get the market in better competitive situation among other incumbents.

So one alternative is to deploy solutions that can be CONstruct & test partially inside manufacturing facilities and just plug in on site. these alternative are not a new concept but today player give us several flavors to achieve a DC that can be start in very few weeks if we have solved some issues like: power, perimeter security, weather and so on.

 Those solutions can be set will "all included", just the shelter, only ENErgy/COOLing, it will depend on what do you want to get. Prices are not cheap but you will save time. Exists different technical approaches that will give to the DESigner the flexibility to get the  OPRs (Owner´s Project Requirements) .

I think that this industry will grow very quickly vs the traditional DCs in years to come, because this driver TIME

¿or what do you think?


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