2014 TREND#7 DC. Standarization boost DCs business

last year I wrote  "the standardization bodies around the world are developing its data centre concept and each country has had  different approaches.,          
These bodies in different countries are the main developers.


    • Europe.  CEN.     EN 50000 series 
    • USA.     ANSI.    ASHRAE -TC 9.9; BICSI -002; NFPA; TIA-942A-
    • Japan.    JISC.      JDCC
    • México. DGN.    NMX- High Performance DC by ONNCCE/ANCE/ NYCE ;  AMERIC, IMEI"
    • Australia. 2834, NABERS

    So the industry has today a good set of different documents (more than 50) that must, should , ought or can be use by the mission critical OPErators, CONstructors, DESigners to set up the facilities that contain such functions. ISO has its own JTC1 /SC39 technical commitee that are also editing documents that will be a worldwide reference for DCs industry.

     However the DC industry is evolving very fast because drivers like:
    • mobile gadgets, 
    • BYOC -Bring Your Own Cloud-, 
    • BIG DATA, 
    • storage. 
    • Compliance issues
    Among other so the OPRs (Owner´s Project Pequirements are also having MACs in fast track.
    The standards intend to set the BEST Practices that a trade should follow, so every incumbent can plan easily how to get the performance that the investor / owner has set in the Project Requirements; these documents are only the basic so each Data Centre project  can enhance  its features as high as the DESigner / budget allow.

    DCs' standardization around the world is becoming not only a governmental issue but a business one that is improving energy efficiency, sustainability, Governance/Risk/Compliance and align the business OPERation with the organizations' needs.

     Investing in Standardization is  a good business fir every stakeholder:  investors/owners; end users, DESigners, CONStructors , OPErators, manufactures, vendors, consulters, and all those involved in the industry and market.

    Up to date all of those documents must be revised, and choose to help that OPRs will be compliant with the business needs, that is the value of Standardization for all of us .

    Or what do you think?

    Roberto Sanchez,RCDD


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