HIGH PERFORMANCE Bldgs. Standardization Scheme Mexico approach

Mexico economical transformation is taking off , so all of us that want to participate in this will have to be prepare to comply with new official requirements on building industry. For those that only give service in its country maybe can be helpful these documents.  

In Mexico we have evaluated how in standardization national program to proceed in our industry. Three organizations  AMERIC (americ.mx), IMEI /BOMA ( www.imei.org.mx ); SUME (www.sume.org.mx) work together to set in terms of the Federal Metrics & Standardization Law with the National Standardization Organization (ANCE, ONNCCE, NYCE) the development of a std. scheme that includes the best and good practices in the building industry around the world.

Mexican Standardization High Performance Building Scheme

This scheme intend to have a baseline of Sustainable / Energy Efficiency requirements that can comply with GRC  concepts; this standard called in Spanish NORMA  has the acronym NMX  the numbering is AA-164. It has Soil, Energy Efficiency, Waste, Water, and other issues.

Then if you want to comply with the High Performance Buildings concept, we decided to develop for each kind of building (most important in industry)  an special Norma so exist at this moment:

  • HPDC  High Performance Data Centres  NMX-C-I-J 489 ANCE-NYCE-ONNCCE
  • HPCB  High Performance Commercial Bldgs.   In progress 2014
  • HPCx   High Performance Bldgs Commissioning  IN progress 2014
  • HPHB  High Performance Health Bldg.s      2015

All of these NORMAS include the following systems
  • Accoustics
  • Architecture & civil works
  • Automation
  • Cooling /Heating / Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Information Technologt Transport 
  • Internal Transport
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Water
  • Waste
The Commissioning concept has been included in all documents to assure the best quality of OPEration, CONstruction, DESign in such High Performance Buildings.

we hope this effort will be helpful fior those abroad investing in projects in this industry.

but what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


  1. when this standard will become mandatory within Mexican territory, it really is when will emerge much work adequacy data centers, and all areas of IT in government agencies really began to take seriously the part of the design and planning data centers, allowing designs to be "a rule of thumb."

  2. This scheme has take a long journey (3+ years) to be design & started , we have already:
    1) NMX-AA-164-SCFI 2013 in duty
    2) NMX-C-I-J 489 HP Data Centres (finished its public balloting and waiting for publication in DOF -governmetal gazzete-.
    3) NMX HP Commissioning std Technical commite (TC) will be set this april to revise draft and send to "Consulta Publica" -public balloting- sometime on june this year for 60 days
    4) NMX HP Commercial Buildings draft is in progress to have a TC setteltment some time in autumm this year.

    In Mexico is not easy the standardization beacuse all stakeholders -government, manufactures, proffesionla association, consulting, end user- have to be represent in the TC, each of one has its own agenda & technical/commercial/political interests that have to be align with the bes practices and good sense.

    Yes indeed the state agencies (Executive, Legislative, Judicial) most -beacuse it is the Law Ley Federal de Metrología y Normalización- to respect , promote and demand the use in their facilities all of those that concern on the OPErational, CONstruction , DESign.

    We hope that we will have such supoport as we ask to all of those governmental departments.

    roberto sanchez, RCDD


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