WhatsApp will have phone call; how will impact to DCs infrastructure?

Last week Facebook announced that they have bought the application for 18Billion USD and this week they´ve released the information regarding that the App will offer voice calls to their membership. No going into the marketing neither the Telephony industry issues around the world.
Can we imagine how this Apps like Viber, Line and of course WhatsApp are changing the Data centre industry not only Colo or Enterprise but government and security as well?

Almost all of us have at least hear about WhatsApp system where we can enjoy direct or group communication among our friend, family and business contacts, correct? 

At this time internet offers everything  learning, business trade, images, medicine, history, culture, news, just name few. If something has been made by human, internet has a piece on that. With smart gadgets, every body among 2.2 billion people on the globe have the power to manage all information that humankind has developed the last four million years. So when these Apps offer new services on the net, we MUST pay attention as DESigner / CONstructiors / OPErators, because sooner or later our facilities will be impact because the energy or colling will be needed, not to mention more space for storage or processing.

Today we have to keep email, contacts, taxes forms, financial and more and more operations on the SANs and manage the connectivity & processing of them, now we will be enforced to keep & save all of our voice calls as well (this is the law!)

Technology advancements are great because they facilitate our lives however they expose our privacy indeed with no return point.

or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


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