2015 TREND# 5 Governance/Risk/Compliance will take precedence in DC´s OPERation

Governance / Risk / Compliance (as I have mentioned during 2014) They will keep enhancing the way of DCs´ OPEration is conceptualized by OWNERS/ OPErators, due the more stringent laws /Codes / best practices around the world. 

Industries/ markets like pharmaceutical,  banking / Finance; Health; require & demand more specialized MCF solutions with more Availability up time, less OPEration downtime to minimize Business Impact in a downtime case.

 Worldwide governments are passing strictly laws/codes to avoid the sensible & confidential information be endangered of lost or robbery from new ways of hacking and business trends.

These issues must be address by bettor planning of the facilities since its inception up to their OPEration stages. Not only those inputs but also the new business trend on IoT, ubiquity trading and more and more APPs like UBER are pushing very hardly to the OPErators to have a excellent infrastructure; all of them before sooner than later are the main driver to the CONstruction / DESign firms to pay more & more attention of those refurbishing & new CONstruction projects for Data Centres.

At this point being only a CON / DES professional is not enough you must understand the organizations´ businesses that will run into the DCs  for coming years to prepare a facility that will fulfill end user needs.

Cloud DCs is a way to make this happens however exist -still- a ñot of business that are not -and will not be- comfortable to deposit to be managed/ store/ transmit its information in "strange digital environment" this situation will be overcome -slowly around the globe- sometime in future.

Or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


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