High Performance DCs & your responsibility as consultant

Few years ago thinking to be hire for consulting services in Building industry -in México- was difficult to imagine. Today more and more projects look into the professional experienced people to get involve in the development of such big projects. Just today in REFORMA ave. exist no less than 10 different new tall buildings that are including all systems from AUTOmation to Water.

Nevertheless when you are invited as part of these kind of teams you ougth be clear how your knowledge & attitude will serve the Owners Project Requirements, not only as a business for your firm or employer but the responsibility with your customer, eng(ineering)viroment, energy, city and any other variables to be consider.
Few days ago I was invited to a meeting where one subcontractor needs that I help him as English translator; during the reunion aroused an equipment delivery challenge and because my relations in the field I could text to some manufactures to help in the best delivery time & conditions; I made aware to all incumbents that it could be possible to reach the date -under some circumstances- However -as you can imagine- GC and subcontractor disliked this announcement. I´ve harmed some kind of business (of course!).
So last days I was wondering the SOW of a consultant in this -and any other business-  I have developed an "style" as consultant since I can remember (maybe  because my family education, scouting commitment and several excellent people that mentoring my career). This "my way" to perform is not very complicate just:
  • Be honest 7/24/365
  • Serve all of those that need your knowledge -ask if they want it-
  • Make clear statements  -no guess or turn around-
  • Keep studying always    -not only your specialization-
  • Investigate as much as you can every new challenge -even if you think that you are expert on the matter-
  • Propose solutions´alternatives depending on Requirements -time,price,talent-
  • Try that all incumbents make a good business, -include them as each situation permits but remember you deserve prime efforts to your employer-
Consulting business is a great opportunity to understand better the building industry, as an integration of different trades and how the relationship among them lets the OPEration (normal / emergency / maintenance) must be done, to accomplish the objectives & business of each facility´s Owner/OPErator.

Still today General/ SUB contractors do not understand the way to do the jobs with the quality, time and cost that any CONstruction should be done by professionals. On the other hand Project Manager keep ticking the clock and look to accomplish the drawings but a lot of times them forget that the integration of the trades must work in one way as a "system" called building.

One opportunity -as Commissioning stage is developing- for consulting is to maintain the Owner´s Project Requirements in perspective of every and all CONstruction team from subcontractors to manufactures.
Commissioning is not an expense but a way to assure that owner´s investment will not have waste nor refurbishments.

But what do you think?
Roberto Sánchez, RCDD, CxA


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