IoTs - Big Data - MicroDCs a trend to keep an eye on?

 All of us are aware on IoT, Big Data explosive growth; we have read from Gartner & Cisco that more than 25 billion devices will be connected to the cloud by 2020 and more EXABytes per day will transit in the internet everyday to become ZettaBytes in few months (2016)

And the question remains  where will all these 1s & 0s will be storage, process & transmit?  of course the answer is Data Centres, but what kind of DCs the big facilities ONLY or they will need to spread to the EDGE computing until -maybe- to our home?

So Bill Gates´s thougth that every home must have a PC and today we have the process power in our smartphone, but still we need more storage  and communications, so what will happen with the IoT when our home / office / street / city will need more and more space to process /storage / communicate

Data analysis is growing each day in every field: education, manufacturing, pharmacy research, food, agriculture, energy, crime, etc. etc. so those datum = BIG DATA need to be handy to be use; of course it can be transmit to they CLOUD  and then to those large Data Centres to be process/storage; however to be use, it should be near the source this is a short path.
Today as Mission Critical OPERators / CONstructors , DESigners we have to understand this break of paradigm of what we have done "as always" and understand how to fit better the new world need in DATA scenery.

Not only the modular Data centres will be the alternative but so those ALL in ONE solutions to have a MICRO data centre in a supermarket, even a bike store are becoming more and more a trend that we will see in next few years (4-5); the technology.So business will grow rapidly but in a different way.

At this point in every country will be need to survey if the ENErgy infrastructure will be able to support the requirements that will arise when the BIG DATA from IoT will grow.

So we need to start rigth now to be prepare for these challenges.

Or what do you think?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


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