2016 DC´s TREND#2 Modular CONstruction will grow or not?

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Data Center Modular CONstruction has been forcasted for 2020 as much as 35.11Billion USD.  (http://www.marketsandmarkets.com/PressReleases/modular-data-centers.asp)

They are emerging as an alternative to the traditional brick and mortar data center. It is a set of various pre-engineered customized modules including COOLing, ENErgy, SAFEty, SECurity systems.

Why are they such alternative?  Well  BIG DATA, Edge DC -vicinity- IoT, DATA Analysis are pushing every day to deploy quicker more "white space" for OPEN Computing systems; so the end user are looking for set new equipment in the facilities as fast as possible.

Everyone want to take advantage of the "millennials" that are turning the markets in a "quantum leap"; then COLOcation, HOSTing and of course CLOUD providers are looking to invest and get those facilities to hire / rent PaaS, IaaS, SaaS solutions to fulfill such market´s needs as soon as possible. 

A Modular Data Centre could -depending on supplier- to be deploy on site in around 5-7months since the DESign is starting and all components are ship to site to be assembled and Commissioned. This for Modular CONstruction, but a Mobile Modular (container) solution could be ship to "front" in 3-4 months as you set the PO

Of course this solution has to evaluated by the end customer to be clearly understand regarding all pros´& cons´ but for those looking a fast deployment is the choice to follow.

This is and will keep a trend for years to come with no doubt, or what do you think?

Roberto Sánchez, PE, RCDD, CxA


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