2016 TREND#1 COP21 & DCs will embrace quicker the energy efficiency

Data Centres will try to start complying the target to be more sustainable and energy efficiency
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All incumbents will try to comply the reducing carbon footprint, more and more DCs´owners will start plans to refurbish or enhance energy efficiency (EE) systems inside those Mission Critical Facilities (MCF).

Now Codes like EU CoC or EPA´s will take relevance in OPErational decisions, not only because the climate change trend will push them but because the DC´s business marketing.  

I think this COP21 can turn in reality what a lot of us have been betting since 2008; set Sustainable & Energy efficiency DESign / CONstruction for Data Centres Ideas like PUE (The Green Grid) or EUCoc will blossom in more facilities, those technologies like "Free COOLing" or Renewable ENErgy sources will take off.

Finance -MONEY- will be available for those in the DCs industry (that use 3-4% of ENErgy around the world) will start rethinking that EE is not a "bad idea" to consider in new or refurbish facilities.
Of course
  1.  ENERgy / COOLing technologies will get benefits, and more manufacturers will invest to develop or enhance those systems.
  2. DESign / CONtruction firms will get more contracts to develop EE facilities
  3. Specialized professionals will be required by industry / market incumbents
 Or what do you think?

Roberto Sanchez, PE, RCDD, CxA


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